Malaysian government began working on issues relating to building services and maintenance but for nearly two decades from 1971 - 1975 these issues went unaddressed until 1991, when the government boosted the servicing and maintenance funding for its facilities. As a result, maintenance awareness begins to grow as a number of issues, such as accidents, damages, losses, and malpractice, that are directly related to building services policies, are raised. In 2001, the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, made an open statement about the state of Malaysian buildings and advocated that building services to become a new national culture, and as a result, the maintenance budget was increased.

Although Malaysia has made progress in providing efficient building management services, there are still issues that need to be addressed in order to provide more reliable and affordable access to information on building services, ventilation management, maintenance metrics, and laws so that our country can grow its building maintenance and function not only as an economic but also as a social driver not for the sake of the country, but for the sake of social stability and investment.

The Building Services Conference 2021 promises to present an extended line-up that assembles many of the key concerns and demanding topics that genuinely demands challenging questions.




BUILDING SERVICES CONFERENCE 2022 aim to ensure that a building is reasonably practical and maintained in such a way that it delivers a safe, dependable, and secure environment that is fit for purpose and complies with current regulations.

The objectives are to:
• Provide a fit-for-purpose built environment that effectively supports the corporate plan of a building.
• Ascertain that the facility receives a professional and cost-effective maintenance service.
• Protect asset value by extending component life in accordance with their intended use.
• Minimise the risk of unforeseen major defects, which might adversely affect the core of the building.
• Establish solid planning systems that assist the prioritisation of maintenance programmes and allow the building's administration to forecast future maintenance costs.
• Ensure that maintenance tasks be coordinated with other construction projects as much as possible to minimise their impact.
• Acertain that the building's services and maintenance are compliant with applicable laws and that all maintenance work is done safely.


• Maintenance Management Practices for Buildings in Malaysia: The existing maintenance management methods and as well as the challenges encountered during building services maintenance and facility management implementation.
• Clinical waste management in Malaysia under the COVID-19 scenario: The effects of COVID-19 on waste generation, policy, and regulation of clinical waste management (CWM) in Malaysia.
• Components of Building Protection: Building design, softwares, and building sevices excellence.
• Best approach to cost reduction strategies for a facilities management and continuous maintenance of the system in the building.
• Design guide and best protection for HVAC systems.


This conference is specifically tailor made for:

Top level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, Heads, President, VPs, Directors, GMs and senior personnel including Local Government, Agencies & Authorities as well as the following:

• Facilities Director
• Manager and Executives
• Building Owners
• Facility & Property Manager
• Fire Safety Manager
• Building Manager
• Project Manager
• Engineer
• Maintenance Managers
• Maintenance & Operations Superintendents, Supervisors, Team Leaders
• Key leaders from each Maintenance Craft
• Materials Management Managers/Supervisors
• Key Maintenance Support Assistants
• Other stakeholders in the Building Service and Facilities Management industry


         Chris Choy Kok Seng                                                           Baskaran Nair                                              Viswesh Vancheeshwar                           


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Anirudh Bhaskaran                                             Al-Haitham Zahran                                                      Dr Ran Rozaimi                             


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Kah Wooi Tan                                                           Ferdinand                                                             Mohd Mazhar Mohd Marzuki                             


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Sr Isacc Sunder Rajan                                                     Azizah Kassim                                              Venay Kumar Pillai                             


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