The role of personal assistant, secretaries and admin have long evolved beyond administrative roles to the art of scheduling, timing, prioritizing and productivity. Secretaries & Admins can sometimes take on more responsibilities than merely answering phones and taking messages. Secretaries may also rely on a diverse set of skills to help them succeed in their jobs. Oftentimes, secretaries may be the individuals responsible for keeping office administration and operations running smoothly.

Personal assistant, secretaries and admin is a profession who plays an integral role in business and other organizational environments. They are typically the individuals who maintain and organize office tasks, implement procedures and carry out additional administrative duties, depending on the nature of their employment.

This Conference give an opportunity for Personal assistant, secretaries and admin to nurture skills that are fiercely practical and relevant, bring them together to share seasoned strategies and discuss about common issue faced by Personal assistant, secretaries and admin that is still challenging up to this day.

The Conference will also create a highly interactive and engaging platform with senior executives and professionals who will be offering their professional insights and guidance into current and anticipated challenges in office management as well as tips for career advancement, Furthermore, it will help participants to explore the managerial role of Secretarial & Administrative, to acquire practical skills and techniques to help them improve their productivity.




Malaysia Exclusive Secretarial & Administrative Conference 2022 will offer you a mixture of both inspirational and practical content that can take you and your career to the next level.

In this conference you will learn:
• Problem solving method.
• Different way of bosses being difficult and how to approach them.
• Looking into change management necessary for Personal assistant, secretaries and admin.
• Getting ready for your Personal assistant, secretaries and admin evaluation.
• Multitasking methods
• Dive into the power of routines.
• Inner peace in managing stress.
• Looking into the golden rule of personal branding & re-brand.
• How to improve writing skills for Personal assistant, secretaries and admin.
• The importance of achieving effective communication



               Ms Gina Phan                                                         M. Marzuki Mohamed                               Wesley Chan Wenzhen                                


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Tahirah Manesah Abu Bakar                                             Mr Rizal Azis                                                        Vincent Hor                             


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Mr William Wong                                                                   Dr. Alvin                                                           


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Secretaries, Office Administrators, Office Managers, Confidential/Executive/Private Secretaries, Personal Secretaries, Principal/Personal/Administrative Assistants, Public Relations Executives, Guest Relations Officers, Customer Relationship Managers and Executives, and other frontline and support staff.