The goal of the program is to provide high-quality skills-based conferences that will INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER women and men to take on leadership roles in their businesses, communities, and society. The conference offers a strengths-based approach, emphasising the benefits of female power and promoting genuine leadership styles that benefit the organisation. We cultivate a trusting environment in which we can push one another while offering and receiving constructive feedback, as well as explore leadership styles in a safe and supportive environment. Diversity in senior leadership fosters creativity, enhances decision-making, decreases business wrongdoing, and boosts financial returns, according to research.

Despite this, gender diversity remains a global issue at both the organisational and individual levels. We feel that supporting and developing a growing pool of outstanding female professionals is an important step toward more diversity, and this is what motivates us to do our job. Taking on more leadership responsibilities can be intimidating, and the leaders we admire may appear superhuman from the outside. At the Women in Leadership Conference 2022 (WLC2022), let us gain wisdom and learn how to harness our strengths.

The WLC2022 has established itself as one of the nation's leading conferences for women's leadership empowerment and development. The conference provides opportunities for education, development, and networking that are tailored to the needs and interests of both emerging and established female leaders. Themed The Women in Leadership Conference 2022, themed DARE TO LEAD: CULTIVATING WISDOM FOR LEADERSHIP IN OUR WILD FRONTIER, seeks to present an extensive line-up that assembles many of the key challenges and challenging topics that really demands hard questions.




• Acquire critical insights into authentic leadership, systemic change, allies and networks, and fighting for gender justice in a changing world.
• Intersectionality and women's leadership are discussed by senior leaders.
• Today's definition of a "best workplace for women."
• Answering the call for Transformation - public, customer, and employee demands for societal change have risen to new heights in 2022.
• Case studies that explain action plans for systemic changes.
• Learn from global leaders to gain brand new ideas and plans to promote women leaders and gender equity in the face of tremendous challenges in 2022.
• Benefit from the significant insights learnt by senior female leaders in the public sector.
• Take on professional and leadership issues head-on and look for ways to advance.
• Be motivated by firsthand experiences from groundbreaking and inspirational women.
• Hear leaders' stories of vulnerability, authenticity, and resiliency.
• Real-time networking with industry leaders.



• VIP and industry keynotes, case studies, roundtable talks, and interactive panel discussions highlighting the challenges faced and experience gained by female executives.

• In-depth conference with practical tools to help you improve your communication and put your conference learnings into practise.

• Interactive group networking sessions with peers from throughout the industry who have faced similar challenges.

• Talk about the current difficulties that women confront in the workplace, regardless of their position in the organization's structure.


This conference is recommended for men and women executives at all levels who believe in equal rights leadership and wants a completely new dimension for gender parity and women's leadership in the workplace. Titles may include:

• Directors of diversity and inclusion
• Chief diversity officers
• Chief human resources officers
• Women’s initiative officers
• Vice president of learning and development
• Vice president and directors of talent management