People migrated in large numbers from rural areas to major cities in the last two decades and the migration was mostly motivated by a desire to advance in their careers and to earn a higher wage. Therefore, massive migration from the rural to the metropolis each year has created a high demand for urban housing especially around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and its neighbouring areas. The demand for new dwellings since the increase in migration in the last several years by locals from outskirts or different states to metropolitan city, foreigners or expats and foreign students living in Malaysia has set housing cost ranging from basic to premium.

Apart from trying to cater all local classes of income earners and foreigners, several challenges exist in Malaysia, such as housing affordability, land issues, incomplete construction, and excessive construction, all of which contribute to climate change. However, we as forward-thinking sector are always about improvement and the Residential Conference 2022 will examine and discuss some of these much-needed policies as well as industry issues with the hope for a better tomorrow.

Theme for the Residential Conference 2022 outstands as, ‘Reshaping Real Estate: Resilient, Sustainable, and Innovative Future for the Industry’, aims to deliver an extensive line-up that assembles many of the critical issues and demanding cavilling topics. The need to examine the problems associated with the residential expansions is to ensure the success of betterment and future development in Malaysia.




We have identified experts who specialises in a particular property sector to provide the participants with the best answers to questions asked or lurking in the minds of bankers, developers, analysts, investors, decision makers, institutional agents, fund managers and others. For each sector, each speaker will do the following:

• Outline the analytical background with data and analysis for housing.
• Geographical spread and classifications.
• Relative importance to the real estate industry.
• Relationship to the economy and current market.
• Highlight the last three years’ real estate activities.
• Give an opinion on what has happened including an analysis of the drivers affecting it.
• Outline the key drivers that will drive the market in the future.
• State the key leader’s opinion on what direction the market will take based on the analysis.


RESIDENTIAL CONFERENCE 2022 is dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse research and future
events within the industry in the conference. The conference aims to bring together leading industry practitioners,
government and private builders to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of residential
real estate. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and bankers to present and
discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted
in the fields of residential real estate admist of Covid-19.


This conference is specifically tailor made for:

Delegates should represent a wide range of personnel in the organization who are involved and engaged or dependent on properties or real estate business natures, property development and authorities. These include:

• Local Authorities
• Government Builders
• Property Developers
• Property investor
• Bankers
• Real Estate Business Owners
• Contractors and Builders
• Engineers
• Housing Associations
• Key Partners and Suppliers
• Land Surveying Officers
• Commercial Leasing Team
• Interior Designers
• Auditors
• Legal Firms
• Co-Working Operators


         Chris Randolph                                                            Prof Dato’ Salleh Buang                                       Mr Siva Shanker                                                              


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   Y.Bhg Dato’ Ong Theng Soon Colonel              Y.Bhg Dato Sri Chang Yin Siang                         Khairil Anuar Sadat Bin Salleh


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   Reza Tan Kai Gio                                              Chok Zhin Theng                                               Nik Mohd Ruiz Razy


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Chris Tan                                      Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Najib Razali             Dato’ Sr. Dr. Azimuddin Bahari


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Ishmael Ho                                                        Sr James Tan Keen Meng


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