Perhaps due to its many functions, project management is a term that can conjure up all sorts of undesirable images as it is often associated with large scale, problematic tasks and carries implicit references to risk with the unquestionable potential for things to go haphazard.

When we think of project management, what often comes to mind are big structures like mega skyscrapers, nuclear power plants and railway links. Little do most know, project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals, and this refers to small and big projects respectively.

It surely comes as no surprise to you that the manager must also develop and execute a laundry list of projects to ensure that everything on and in the building is running smoothly. This is because a core function of FM is to manage a variety of tasks that require to be completed not only effectively but simultaneously.

Lying beneath the myriad of responsibilities are projects—large and small—that need to be overseen in order to ensure safety, security, maintenance and inspections, business continuity planning and daily operational duties. Today’s FM professional is tasked to ensure that projects are not only carried out with efficacy but are expected to manoeuvre a system of control to manage costs and address potential issues.

Adding to the countless of existing challenges faced by managers in their day-to-day, we are now faced with the biggest disrupter the world has ever seen – Covid-19—a colossal force that is changing the very landscape of building services and the fabric of project management. How formidable of an obstacle is Covid and what can it teach us about project management? Could the ongoing crisis pose as an eye-opener as it magnifies all the issues and inefficiencies we would usually tolerate in our daily work?
Join us on this 2-day journey as handpicked top experts address and recalibrate existing best practices in project management in the building context, as well as demystify the processes and challenges faced as we transition from the New to the Next Normal.




·        This 2-day conference will cover Project Management principles and offer insight into how they apply to Facility Management 

·        Present the opportunity to disseminate current issues within the profession as well as the ability to propose possible solutions

·        Bring to light the challenges faced by the industry amidst the pandemic and a closer look into potential solutions as a way forward

·        A platform for leaders to learn a more tactical approach when it comes to protecting the future of their business’ properties

·        Meet and network with professionals from across Malaysia


Chris Choy Kok Seng                                                         Mahput Sairan                                               Dr. Suntoro Tjoe                                


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Sr. Isacc Sunder Rajan                                           Mohd Mazhar Mohd Marzuki                             Anirudh Bhaskaran                             


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·        Facility managers

·        Building operation and maintenance staff with project management duties

·        Project managers and planners

·        Architects and engineers

·        Building owners and developers

·        Federal project managers

·        Construction managers

·        Commissioning authorities

·        Contractors working on commissioned projects