Comfori’s COMMERCIAL PROPERTY CONFERENCE is a hybrid and inaugural symposium—a brand new addition to our existing and exciting repertoire of exclusive property events.  A premier platform for the discussion of pivotal property matters in our nation, we handpick top experts and industry trailblazers to give you critical insights, strategies and deep learning on the trends and issues that are shaping and transforming our volatile property segment.

Dubbed “A Framework for Commercial Success in the Next Normal”, our aim is to deliver a solutions-driven agenda that addresses the complexities and uniqueness of Malaysia’s property market with focal points ranging from strategies in the new normal and beyond, the acceleration of digitization in a COVID-laden world, and property laws that govern our marketplace.  

Through a series of keynotes and interactive sessions from renowned property pundits, we bring you a can’t-miss opportunity to nosedive into the challenges, best practices and new opportunities in the commercial property domain as we steer towards a new future—the next normal.  





·       Hear what the experts are saying and predicting about the ever-evolving property sector

·       Gain comprehensive coverage and significant exposure on current and controversial issues

·       Knowing the disruptive factors in the market which will bring you a competitive advantage

·       Opportunities to network, forge new connections, and engage with the industry’s frontrunners



The Commercial Property 2021 will bring together Property Developers,  Asset Managers, Policy makers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Town Planners, Architects, Financial Officers, Valuation Officers, Legal Firms, and Researchers from various corporate companies, private and government sectors, education institutions as well as any other establishments that are relevant to the field.



  Prof Salleh Buang                                                      Dato’ Sr Dr. Azimuddin Bahari                                   Dr. Daniele Gambero                                


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Ar. Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnain                             Chris Tan                                                               Charles Tan


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Adeline Chng                                                            Sr Terence Nathan                                         Hans Weemaes                                                                                    


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Baskaran Nair