In an age of instant communication, the need for public & private sector agencies to effectively communicate with the wider community cannot be underestimated. Local communities, small business, the corporate sector, NGOs and various levels of government all need to be engaged simultaneously to facilitate meaningful service delivery.



Efficient stakeholder relationship management is an essential requirement for any successful organization. It is a decisive factor and has a direct impact on total environment and profit results of the organization. A strategic approach is needed for proactive stakeholder relationship management in view of the varied stakeholders who have altogether different sorts of expectations and needs.

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Conference 2021 will give you the confidence to communicate your message and secure win-win outcomes. You will learn how heads of communication and stakeholder engagement have cultivated genuine engagement, incorporated targeted digital messaging, achieved success across campaigns and connect with communities.




Comfori’s Stakeholder & Community Engagement Conference 2021 will offer you a selection of topics that are related to stakeholders and community engagements will nourish your knowledge on the subject. By participating this conference you will

·        Appreciate the importance of stakeholder engagement.

·        Take away analytical approaches to stakeholder identification.

·        Develop stronger skills to plan and manage the stakeholder engagement processes.

·        Get useful tools for effective facilitation of engagement meetings.

·        Build your staff’s understanding of effective stakeholder engagement principles and practices.

·        Ensure the effective application of time and resources used in working with stakeholders.

·        Enhance awareness of stakeholders and their needs and interests.

·        Foster the capacity to develop, implement and evaluate stakeholder management strategies.



1.       How to manage the fundamental of stakeholders’ management.

2.       Understanding stakeholder’s way of thinking.

3.       Effective way to identify your target stakeholders.

4.       How to create engagement mechanisms to suit your stakeholder mapping.

5.       Building an effective stakeholder engagement system.

6.       Formulate stakeholder action plans.

7.       Understanding of community engagement and its elements.

8.       Risk & change management in stakeholder engagement.

9.       Explore the difficulties with stakeholders and how we can overcome it.

10.    Case studies on real life events.

11.    Handling clash of interests and conflict with stakeholders.

12.    Knowing the range of influence that you have on your stakeholders.

13.    Managing stakeholders with powers that may clash against company projects.

14.    Looking into the future of stakeholder and community engagement.


Professionals working for corporations, the public sector, private

companies and not-for-profits:

• Community Relations / Engagement

• Communication

• Stakeholder Relations / Engagement

• Public Affairs

• Community Development / Partnerships

• External Relations

• Sustainability / Environment

• Councilors


               Garry Chow                                                         Mr. Syed Mohammed Idid                               Mr. Zaimi Harun                                


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Ms. Jacqueline Arnold                                              Liz Kamaruddin                                                  Sutapa Bhattacharya                             


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Prof. Mohd Said Bani C.M.Din                                   Mr. Cheah Kar Fei                                                 Dr. Alvin Teoh                             


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Lieutenant Colonel Dr Enock Amalanathan                                      Mr. Henry Gaier                                                                           


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