Many dream of a better tomorrow but who really takes us there? The answer is leaders.

It is effective leaders who create a roadmap to guide us into a newly improved future. No matter in business, politics or everyday life, leaders galvanise others to join into their journeys.

In Malaysia, women make up 33% of positions in senior management teams within companies, the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) has found. The overall number of women in top business roles is still painfully low but there are reasons to be optimistic. The 2020 date sees a rise in women holding significant roles in business operations, especially in the areas of people and strategy as many companies are now making conscious efforts to eliminate “unconscious” biases that have permeated organizational processes to ensure an even playing field.


The new service economy no longer depends on physical strength but skills that come naturally to women namely attention to detail, determination and measured thinking; the female brain is genetically prewired for long-term strategic planning and nurturing people and this is empowering women to take on more.


Women deserve equal opportunities to realise their full potential. As powerful agents of change, women leaders can become a centrifugal force for good in our nation and the world. For the first time, we are witnessing the emergence of female leaders from across the generations to infuse their knowledge with the drive to make a difference.


Women leaders also need support at this critical time. Covid-19 has changed everything and the pressure on women leaders has never been greater. Now, more than ever, we need to seriously think about the role of the modern female leader and mother as we transition into a new normal.


The Women in Leadership conference 2021 aims to bring established women leaders under one roof to be inspired connect and grow in a safe space. It will cover a variety of topics related to women’s leadership and empowerment focusing on topics such as female competencies, work-life balance, overcoming imposter syndrome, building confidence, and how to develop a personal brand in a world of unprecedented change.





By attending the Women in Leadership conference 2021, you will: 


-        Gain valuable insights on how to build and nurture a diverse workforce and prepare yourselves for the leadership roles of tomorrow

-        Sharpen your leadership skills in the areas of resilience, stress-management, authentic leadership and learn how to lead in truly challenging times

-        Network with successful women leaders who are eager to make a difference and empower you in a more inclusive manner

-        Feel more confident about embracing your unique leadership qualities while forging your own paths to leadership



        Hanie Razaif-Bohlender                                                Angeline Teh                                                      Evelyn Chue                                


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K. Kayatthri Krishnasamy                                        Maheswari Kanniah                                            Dato’ ‘Aliyah Karen                             


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George Bohlender                                                      Gaythri Raman                                                   Anne Rajasaikaran                             


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Elain Lockman                                                             Sabrina Aripen                                                  Nooraini Youp                             


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Shadaitul Intan                                                          Emiliawati Zainol                                                  Syireen Rose                                                                          


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Ranukka Singham    


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This conference is especially designed for all current women leaders, aspiring women leaders and future women leaders, as well as the following:


·        Directors, Executives, and Managers across all industries

·        Human Resources and Workforce Planning

·        Diversity and Inclusion Managers

·        Women’s Leadership Program Managers

·        Male leaders looking to implement change on an organizational level

From various corporate companies, private and government sectors, educational institutions as well as any other establishments.