The local property market has been rather lacklustre in nature over the last several years due to cooling measures taken by authorities as well as an oversupply in certain sub-sectors. Then Covid-19 forced the entire world to a standstill and spun the property market further into a lull.


While some sources quote that our property market is predicted to remain resilient and quite possibly to begin recovering in 2021, others are continuing to observe the scale and longevity of the outbreak and how it will affect the real estate market. Some however, believe that the time is ripe to start thinking outside the box—to adopt new approaches to ensure market sustainability.


What does this mean in terms of housing delivery models, financing of housing and the role of our government? How can new technologies help in meeting some of the challenges? How can adequate, safe and affordable housing for all by 2030 be achieved? How do we meet SDG goals amidst all these challenges? These are some of the fundamental questions this conference will uncover.


Comfori’s inaugural Residential Conference, as part of our Property Series, will see a host of panellists and speakers comprising of valuers, land economists, property consultants, real estate investment analysts and top experts under a single roof to share how the industry is performing, giving up to date and an accurate diagnosis and prognosis of our current housing market and development across 4 primary facets: Sustainability, Technology, Financing and the implications of Covid-19.





·        Receive an economic update on the current market conditions

·        Features leading content, panel debates, and discussions on how to stabilize the industry and prepare for the future

·        Learn about the latest tech and innovation to aid and assist the market for better market dynamics

·        Great opportunity to network and mingle with industry peers


The Residential Conference 2021 will bring together Property Developers,  Asset Managers, Policy makers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Town Planners, Architects, Financial Officers, Valuation Officers, Legal Firms, and Researchers from various corporate companies, private and government sectors, education institutions as well as any other establishments that are relevant to the field.


         Warrick Singh                                                             Prem Kumar                                                    Ar. Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnain                                                               


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   Dato’ Sri Matthew Yeoh                                           Chris Tan                                                        Yousuf Sultan


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   Sr Michael Geh                                                         Dr Alan Poon                                                        Charles Tan


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Imran Clyde                                                          Dato’ Sr Dr. Azimuddin Bahari                         Dr. Daniele Gambero


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Rozainah binti Ibrahim