Secretary, Admin Executive Assistants, & Personal Assistants never seem to be able to take a breather, let alone take time away from work to focus on themselves. The role of EAs/PAs have long evolved beyond administrative roles to the art of scheduling, timing, prioritizing and productivity. While performing several individual tasks, the PAs in the workplace structure must work closely with their boss & other team members to help meet corporate objectives as well, making the EAs/PAs an integral asset to the organization that requires the highest standard in multi-tasking and efficiency.


That’s why this conference is perfect for all those who wishes to be inspired and motivated into taking action on personal & professional growth, as well as advice on how to deal with everyday Secretarial & Administrative dilemma.


Why are these events perfect for motivated assistants?


This Conference:

·        Let Secretarial & Administrative to take a breather & feed the mind to strategies.

·        Nurture skills that are fiercely practical and relevant

·        Bring EA’s together to share seasoned strategies

·        Discuss about common issue faced by PA that is still challenging up to this day.


This no-fluff conference is catered specifically to the needs of Executive Assistants. They pack comprehensive instruction into reasonable time frames and send you home eager to put your new ideas into action.


The Conference will also create a highly interactive and engaging platform with senior executives and professionals who will be offering their professional insights and guidance into current and anticipated challenges in office management as well as tips for career advancement, Furthermore, it will help participants to explore the managerial role of Secretarial & Administrative, to acquire practical skills and techniques to help them improve their productivity.


Join us at the conference and build on your success and pave a meaningful corporate journey. You will understand how to handle different personalities, overcome stress, and become more resilient. You will experience what a personal brand is and increase your visibility in the digital age.




Comfori’s Dynamic Secretarial & Administrative Conference 2020 will offer you a mixture of both inspirational and practical content that can take you and your career to the next level. Here’s how:

• Brings together personal assistants, secretaries and admins to connect, collaborate, and contribute solutions to their greatest challenges

• A fantastic opportunity to network and trade experiences

• Take home a plethora of practical tips as well as immediately actionable ideas to increase productivity and impress!

• Learn crucial skills that are necessary in today’s competitive industry

• Realise your relevance, and harness next-level skills for professional development


1.       Surviving in an ever-evolving professional landscape

2.       How to manage the fundamentals such as email and diary management, workplace etiquette, and taking meeting minutes

3.       The effective ways to juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously

4.       Planning & time management

5.       Turning criticism into a form of empowerment

6.       Understanding your boss and developing trust in your professional relationship

7.       Working with different personalities

8.       Learning how to develop your very own professional portfolio

9.       High-impact business writing

10.    How to look the part of a successful Secretary & Admin

11.    Discover what leaders look for in their Secretary & Admin

12.    How to solve problems and develop your business writing skills

13.    The evolution of the role of the Secretary & Admin and how to advance in your career


        Arvind Rampal                                                                 Ismail Hashim                                                    Thila Suppiah                     


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  Chris Randolph                                                     Wesley Chan Wenzhen                                           M. Marzuki Mohamed                                       


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  Ms. Raja Yasmin Raja Yusof                                Mr. Zohrab Chong                                                   Mr Coach Dee Han                           


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