Comfori’s Land Conference is a premier platform for the discussion of pivotal land matters in our nation.  Every year we handpick top land experts to give you critical insights, strategies and deep learning on the trends and issues that are shaping and transforming our land industry.

Themed “A Feasible Road Map for Land Development: 2020 & Beyond”, the Malaysia Land Conference, into its 7th successful year, will deliver a solutions-driven agenda that addresses the complexities and uniqueness of the Malaysian land and property market, and aims to provide an extensive line-up to address many of the pressing issues that exist in our current land & property administration.

Through a series of keynotes and interactive sessions from our industry’s leading experts, we bring you a can’t-miss opportunity to nosedive into the challenges, best practices and new opportunities in land matters as we steer towards a new future.




·       Perspectives from Land Authority, Developers, Valuers, Investors, Legal Experts and all stakeholders in the Malaysian land and property market

·       Significant exposure on current & controversial issues with regards to land matters in our country and the way forward

·       Comprehensive coverage on the latest land regulatory and compliance issues

·       A platform for intellectuals from various fields and disciplines to debate and discuss contemporary land issues

·       Opportunities to network, forge new connections, and learn from key industry leaders



The 7th Malaysia Land Conference is an all-inclusive, comprehensive platform that aims to foster dialogue and sharing by all related professionals in the nation who will be engaged to focus on current issues, progress and the next steps with respect to land issues. Tentative topics you can look forward to in this exclusive conference include:


·        Security of Tenure Under the Malaysian Torrens System

·        The Future of Land Alienation

·        Panel Discussion: Reforming the National Land Code – Taking the Next Step

·        Modernising our Planning Law

·        Challenges in Acquiring Assets in Strata Developments

·        Future of Land Alienation

·        Land Use to Address Affordable Housing, Supply-Side Challenges: Research, Considerations & Possible Solutions

·        Foreign Purchase of Land

·        Is the Future Really Underground? How Realistic is this Option Today?

·        Panel Discussion: New Urban Planning –  The Future Of Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Planning in Malaysia

·        The New Urban Agenda – “Leave No One Behind”





This conference is specifically tailor made for top level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, Heads, President, VPs, Directors, GMs and senior personnel including Local Government, Agencies & Authorities as well as the following:


·        Business Development Manager

·        Fund Managers

·        Investment Executives (Financial Institutions)

·        Real Estate Valuers

·        Land Surveyors

·        Land Lawyers

·        Financiers and lenders (Banking Institutions)

·        Quantity Surveyors


From related industries such as:

·        Properties and real estate industry

·        Property Valuation/ Surveying Industry

·        Law firms/ Architect firms

·        Insurance/ Banking Industry

·        Academic & Research Institutions

·        Organizations/ Government Ministries




       Dr. Daniele Gambero                                                     Prof Salleh Buang                                                   Warrick Singh                                


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Sr Khaidzir Abdul Rasip                                        Sr LH Lim                                                                Ar Datuk Hj Saiful Anuar Abdul Aziz


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Charles Tan                                                       Dato’ Sr. Dr. Azimuddin Bahari                                          Prem Kumar


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Ishmael Ho                                                          Imran Clyde                                                                Nik Mohd Ruiz Razy 


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 Dato Sri Matthew