FM in both private and public sectors have seen a shift of focus—from the maintenance of single buildings to the assessment of total performance or portfolios of buildings that supports the organisation’s overall mission—from cost-efficiency management to achieving multidimensional enhancements of business competitiveness.

FM today is not just about delivering optimal services but delivering them in an ever-evolving market. Aside from the transformation of FM from manual labour-intensive work into a more digitized field of practice, the big question remains: With change rapidly accelerating, how can facility management professionals in Malaysia adapt?

Speaking of adapting, facility managers now have the important role of dealing with the aftermath of Covid-19 and should be prepared to define new concepts of normalcy as well as policies not only for occupants but adopting new guidelines for daily operations.


What are these policies? What would be the new “normal” in building maintenance & facilities management? Is your building able to support factors such as effective social distancing? How to minimize the risk of virus infection?  How does your role as building front-runners affect the overall outcome for a more effective workforce and a safer workplace?


Carrying the theme “Paving the Path for a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Malaysia’s Integrated FM Landscape”, the conference will focus on the current shifts within the marketplace, trends, concerns, and will present practical solutions for pressing problems in our industry.

Comfori Sdn. Bhd. is delighted to bring a variety of experts in the field for another memorable conference on the diverse area of Building Maintenance and Facilities Management. This year, we’ll be presenting you with an extra day for a virtual-only experience.

To date, Comfori’s Building Maintenance Conferences has proven to be a medium for practitioners in FM to interact and discuss fundamental issues surrounding best practices and new approaches both locally and internationally.





·       Bringing together industry experts and technology frontrunners to share impeccable insights about maintenance and FM trends in Malaysia

·       Provide a forum for tackling areas that can potentially be further developed and improved within the varied landscape of facilities management

·       Identify key growth areas of the competitive landscape in Malaysia FM market such cost-efficiency, real-time analysis and long-term integrated approaches

·       An opportunity to learn how digitalization is driving future buildings and helping organisations achieve long-term sustainability

·       Gather practical and effective solutions you can incorporate to maximise value and performance in your facility

·       Providing you with the perfect opportunity to discuss topics and network with professionals within the industry



·        Malaysia FM Market Snapshot – An Introduction

·        Identifying Key Growths In The Malaysian FM Market

·        Facility Optimization Strategy Powered By Innovation For Increased Transparency While Reducing Costs

·        In With the New, Out With the Old? : Should You Repair Or Replace Your HVAC Equipment?

·        The 21st Century Smart Facilities Manager : Ambient Technologies In Intelligent Office Buildings

·        Rehabilitating Your Building: Legal & Safety Aspects Of The Maintenance Of Concrete Structures

·        Remedying Blind Spots In Our Facilities Management & Building Maintenance Industry  

·        Decentralise, Decarbonise, Digitalise – Is Your Organization Prepared For The New Energy Economy?

·        Implementing And Operating Maintenance Management For Improved Performance

·        Developing A Modern And Engaged Safety Culture



This conference is specifically tailor made for top-level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, HODs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Senior Managers including Local Government Agencies and Authorities of the following departments:

Related Industries such as:

·        Facilities

·        Assets

·        Maintenance

·        Operations

·        Engineering

·        Properties management

·        Consultants

·        Civil


·        Commercial building industries

          -        Office buildings

          -        Shopping malls

          -        Hotels

          -        Hospitals

          -        Educational institutions


·       Industrial building industries

          -        Factories cum offices

          -        Power plants


As well as various related building types



            Chris Choy Kok Seng                                                  Gerard M. Pillai                                            Francis L. Amptmeijer


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 Tarun Sukhani                                                             Joshua Kang                                                 Zulkiflee Umar


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Dr. Suntoro Tjoe                                                               Sam Helmy                                          Sr. Isacc Sunder Rajan                                       


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Gautam Midha