According to the latest Women in Business research from Grant Thornton International, the percentage of businesses in Malaysia with at least one woman in senior management is at a high 95%, an increase of 15% in the last year. However, the percentage of women holding senior leadership positions has dropped from 28% last year to 23%.

While the number of women in senior leadership is increasing, gender parity at the head of the table is still a significant way off. When it comes to the role of CEO or managing director, only 17% of businesses in Malaysia have a woman leading the business. Gender balance on boards and in senior management not only encourages better leadership and governance, but diversity further contributes to better all-round board performance, and ultimately increased corporate performance for both companies and their shareholders.

The participation of women at leadership and policy-making levels in Malaysia is still low despite seeing an increase compared to before, according to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. “The findings of local and global surveys clearly reveal that women are still being marginalised in this aspect as the systems, structures, practices and thinking of the society are inclined towards the patriarchal thinking which will not benefit the nation. Among the initiatives that had been undertaken to encourage more women to hold board (of directors) positions to achieve the 30 per cent target was to create a 30% Club, a group of corporate chairpersons and business leaders working to provide various mentoring programmes to prepare women as board members.

Hannah Yeoh also said ,“It is not about the lack of women leaders, because we do have enough of them. It is about the lack of opportunities, awareness and infrastructures, such as childcare centers at the workplace to sustain women in workforce”.

A woman's path into leadership positions is paved with many barriers including a very thick glass ceiling. But a much bigger problem is the lack of career obstacles for incompetent men and the fact that we tend to equate leadership with the very psychological features that make the average man a more inept leader than the average woman. The result is a pathological system that rewards men for their incompetence while punishing women for their competence, to everybody’s detriment.

Women are incredible leaders and entrepreneurs. Oftentimes, it can feel like a lonely journey filled with high expectations, or a crazed journey of “busyness” and always feeling pressure to just keep on hustling. If you are ready to work smarter, with heart centered passion in your journey, then you are in the right place.

Our mission in the Women in Leadership Conference 2020 is to empower women and help them to find their most authentic self and step into leadership, owning their lives. We are creating a community of incredible, supportive women that will expand far beyond this event. The culture and power of women in this room will be an awe-inspiring movement, that will carry forth into organizations, communities and our country.





• Enhance yourself a leader in every way

• Gain new skills to help you grow professionally and personally

• Discover your inner potential and unleash your leader instinct

• Boost your confidence by polishing on your professional image and personal branding

• Listen to successful women share their experiences on the obstacles they had to overcome and how they did that

• Understand the critical factors needed to create a culture to promote gender diversity and harness the potential of women managers

• Network with successful professionals who are eager to create a diverse work force and empower tomorrow’s leaders in more inclusive manner



In this conference, we will bring the floor to focus on the issues that revolves around women leaders. Our speakers will share their perspectives on:

• Speaking up
• Digital Fluency
• Being Confident
• Being Treated Equally
• Healthy Work-Life Blend
• Building A support Network
• Tackling Imposter Syndrome
• Dealing with Negative Thoughts


This conference is especially designed for all women leaders including the:

• Directors, Executives and Managers across all industries
• Human Resources and Workforce Planning
• Diversity and Inclusion Managers
• Future leaders in organizations

From various corporate companies, private and public sectors as well as any relevant organisations.



  Day 1 (Virtual Conference) – 14 July 2020

  Murshidah Said                                                         Sajni Dharamdass                                                   Zurina Amnan



  Puan Hezzimon Binti Abdul Hamid                      Nora Afzam Binti Abdul Wahab                             Puan Wan Nurul Ashikin





Day 2 & 3 (Physical Conference) – 15 & 16 July 2020


  Zalina Jamaluddin                                                        Neeti Mahajan                                                  Puan Wan Nurul Ashikin


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 Ida Hanim                                                                Amutha                                                                 Nora Afzam Binti Abdul Wahab


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Claire Keow                                                            Jasmine Ng                                                            Puan Hezzimon Binti Abdul Hamid


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Nor Ziha