Buildings-focused sustainability efforts are becoming increasingly important and rightfully so. Malaysia is the third largest energy consumer in Asean and our demand is said to double in 10 years. Thanks to the internet of things (IoT), we are able to monitor and conserve energy usage through new and innovative tools. In the grand scheme of things, the autonomous nature in which building systems are progressively becoming serve as a vital link towards our nation’s efforts in preparing for what’s to come—A Smart future.

The paradigm shift from viewing building components as independent of one another to a system that is interconnected and communicates real-time data is changing the way we run and operate our facilities. In such an intelligent environment, major goals are to improve the comfort and quality of life of its occupants and to provide decision-support tools in order to aid users in making cost-effective decisions when utilizing electrical energy. In a nutshell, Smart Buildings integrate autonomy and adaptive control and are considered as the next generation of buildings.

Themed “Integrating Smart Solutions for Enhanced Building Performance & Higher Occupant Satisfaction”, Comfori’s inaugural Smart Building 2020 Conference anticipates to deep-dive into strategies designed to maximise your building’s performance and transform them to become smart, including the incorporation of smart FM solutions. We aim to bring you insightful and experienced speakers who can disseminate new materials, introduce new technology and solutions, as well as keep you abreast with industry-related updates via presentations, panel discussions, and potential live-demos.

The building sector consumes about forty percent of world energy, making energy efî‚¿ciency in existing
buildings an important issue




• Hear from the experts as they talk about smart building trends and innovations, best practices, as well as proven methodologies towards embracing the smart building ecosystem
• Learn how smart technologies and practices improve building performance, increase tenant and occupant productivity, enhance security, and provide sustained operational cost savings
• Connect and link with some of our industry’s key experts
• Gain a competitive edge by hearing first-hand about where the industry is headed to in Malaysia beyond 2020
• Take advantage of the opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow practitioners


  Tarun Sukhani                                                                    Tay Hao-giang FIFire                                   Chris Choy Kok Seng  


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 Dr. Mohd Harris Ismail                                                  Sam Helmy                                                       Gerard M. Pillai


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Matthias Gelber                                                  CK Lau                                                              Dr. M. Imran Sarwar


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Melvin Leong                                                  Francis L. Amptmeijer                                            Ar. Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnain


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Chia Weng Yan                                                   Dr. Daniele Gambero 


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This conference is specifically tailor made for top-level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, HODs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Senior Managers including Local Government Agencies and Authorities from the following departments:
• Facilities
• Assets
• Maintenance
• Operations
• Engineering
• Properties management
• Consultants
• Civil
In related industries such as:
Commercial building industries
• Office buildings
• Shopping malls
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Educational institutions
Industrial building industries
• Factories cum offices
• Power plants

As well as various related building types