Malaysia property sector outlook in the first half in 2019 for both commercial and residential markets including the high-end segment, remains cautious. Some of the main factors for this situation are due to the mismatch in product offering and pricing affordability. There are other contributing factors such finding the right location, right price, right type to cater for the right demand.

The property overhang is built up by the affordable housing that are failed to sell mainly because of the unfavorable location. A reliable database that can show the real-time demand on which type of property and location can surely guide the developers on targeting the right project and location. The overhang can be reduced if developers stop offering the same products to the market and start offering alternative asset classes that will sell. In the other hand, buyers can now look for the unsold property via Unsold Property Enquiry System Malaysia (UPESM 2.0) an initiative taken by Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH).

For this past few years, the government has been actively revising their policies on housing and coming out with more initiatives to stabilise and correct the local housing market. The government aims to increase the amount of home ownership through range of schemes and initiatives. They are continuously offering new and improved alternatives to encourage home ownership which specifically mentioned in the 2020 Budget, Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 and the 12th Malaysia Plan.

Property Outlook 2020 Conference will bring together property and real-estate professional who will share their insights into Malaysia’s 2020 property market with primary focus on the potential investment base on the current trend of the market. This conference will also provide details on the current and new policies and initiatives provided by government where both developers and investors can tap to the opportunities. You will also be able to explore more creative approaches on property investment and creating more sustainable property market and funding.




• Receive an economic update on the market conditions
• Ascertain where we are in the currentc business cycle
• Gain opportunity to engage with Malaysia property industry leaders and professionals
• Discover new knowledge on exploring opportunities in the various property markets in Malysia
• Learn the loopholes to the hurdles of the industry
• Discuss significant issues that have often entagled property developers
• Assess future prospects in the Malaysia property sector


• Outlook for Malaysia property market and investment
• Current trend in property market
• Understand the property policies and initiatives provided by government and how both developers and investors can tap to that opportunities
• Explore more creative opportunities on property market
• Creating more sustainable property market and funding


We aimed to bring together the following people under one roof for the networking opportunities

• Property Developers
• Architects
• Property Managers
• Valuers
• Property Investors
• Real Estate Negotiators and Agents
• Home Buyers
• Bankers
• Asset managers
• Real estate analysts
• Proptech Startup
• Airbnb/Co-living Operators
• Co-Working Operators
• Legal Firms
• Commercial leasing team
• Contractors
• Auditors
• Interior Designers


From various corporate companies, private and government sectors, education institutions as well as any other establishments.


        Warrick Singh                                                          Dr. Daniele Gambero                                         Ishmael Ho                                   


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  James Tan Keen Meng                                            Siva Shanker                                                             Kian Aun                                                     


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  Charles                                                                   Elizabbeth Siew                                                            Mustapha Kamal bin Zulkarnain                                                    


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  N. Jayaselan                                                           Sr Aina Edayu Ahmad                                                  Dr Muhammad Nasrullah


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  Timothy Liew                                                           Sr Ari Bin Adam  


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