The Dynamic Secretarial & Administrative Conference 2019 aims to develop the professional lives of personal assistants, secretaries and admins across Malaysia by creating an educational outlet that inspires growth, collaboration and empowerment.
We believe that behind every successful boss is a highly successful PA and with the tagline Empowering and Enriching the Modern Day Excecutive Towards Greater Career Fulfilment, we are determined for delegates to leave feeling inspired to be their best selves and use what is learned to add new dimensions to their roles.

This conference also represents a unique opportunity for delegates to come together and exchange vital experiences as well as expand their network. Through multiple series of live presentations and dynamic Q&A sessions as well as a panel discussion with some of the keynote speakers, delegates are able to fully immerse themselves in Comfori’s dynamic learning environment and upbeat atmosphere.

For a renewed sense of purpose and passion in your career, join us in Kuala Lumpur for an educational and inspirational 2-day journey to learn from highly experienced trainers and industry experts!




Comfori’s Dynamic Secretarial & Administrative Conference 2019 will offer you a mixture of both inspirational and practical content that can take you and your career to the next level. Here’s how:

• Brings together personal assistants, secretaries and admins to connect, collaborate, and contribute solutions to their greatest challenges
• A fantastic opportunity to network and trade experiences
• Take home a plethora of practical tips as well as immediately actionable ideas to increase productivity and impress!
• Learn crucial skills that are necessary in today’s competitive industry
• Realise your relevance, and harness next-level skills for professional development


·       Surviving in an ever-evolving professional landscape

·       Planning & time management

·       Turning criticism into a form of empowerment

·       Understanding your boss and developing trust in your professional relationship

·       Learn how to become a strategic partner in your organisation

·       Working with different personalities

·       Artificial intelligence and how it can work to your advantage

·       Learning how to develop your very own professional portfolio

·       High-impact business writing

·       How to look the part of a successful PA

·       Being a compelling communicator

·       Discover what leaders look for in their PA


This conference is especially designed for all administrative personnel such as the following:

·        Personal Assistants and Executive Secretaries

·        Secretaries

·        Private/Confidential Secretaries

·        Administrative Personnel directly reporting to top management

·        Admin manager

From various corporate companies, private and government sectors, Education agencies as well as other establishments.


           Mallory Loone                                                          Zohrab Chong                                                     Murshidah Said                                   


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  Wesley Chan Wenzhen                                          Puan Mary                                                       Bavani Periasamy                                                       


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 Richard La Faber                                          Cymantha Sothiar                                                     Chia Jee Chew 


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Fauzi Che Rus                                          Chris Randolph                                                               Sheela Prabhakaran                                


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 Joyce Nesamani Simson                            Fazila Banoo Binti Manzur Elahi                                 Vaneesa Veerappan


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