We are glad to announce the opening of the 2nd Annual Renewable Energy Conference that will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2019 organized by Comfori Sdn Bhd. This conference is a unique platform that is a confluence of all Renewable Energy Industries, Oil & Gas industries, Academia, Researchers, Innovators, Regulators – coming together to present and discuss current topics in Renewable Energy.

“The ministry was expecting 20 per cent of the country’s energy to be generated from renewable sources by 2025, adding that the initiative was to increase the renewable energy mix in electricity supply, thus reducing consumption of fossil fuels, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions - By Minister Yeo Bee Yin”.

In the hopes of achieving the goal for this movement, the emphasis of renewable energy is highlighted throughout the industry. The effort to convert government building, private companies as well as household with solar power, increasing biodiesel from 5% to the current 10%, as well as exploring other method of renewables is at a constant persist.

Malaysia has long recognize the need for a more renewable source to ensure future prospect, yet challenges still presents itself in a form of doubt and disbelieve that the future is these technologies as well as the revelation of cost for starting the new trend.
The format of the Conference will allow you to learn, meet experts, and ask questions on issues most important to you.

This conference will be devoted to establishing a foundation for understanding the current status for renewable energy in Malaysia, along with 3 of the most prominent renewable energy already used in Malaysia such as Solar Energy, Biogas & Biofuel.
Our 2nd Annual Renewable Energy Conference 2019 will widely elucidate the various spectrums of renewable energy through its dignified environmentalists, distinguished professors, scientists along with Managers & CEOs of various Energy R&D Companies. It will be a golden platform for seniors & young minds to showcase their research and present and meet the experts as well as provide an environment conducive to education and interaction.

With a broad array of keynote presentations & panel discussions, this conference is the perfect venue not only to dive into the particular renewable energy but also to expand the scope of your knowledge.




·       Presentation on the point of view of several individuals from professors, Energy Specialist, & Green technology experts.

·       Speakers will share their success stories on how they get where they are now & key take away that they learnt on their journey.

·       Networking with the decision makers and key industry players in the energy industry.

·       Review on Renewable Energy technology acceptance in Peninsular Malaysia.

·       Get in touch with the latest development in Solar Energy, Biogas & Biofuel.

·       Discuss Key Issues Affecting Renewable Energy Development

·       Major renewable energy projects implemented under the 8th and 9th Malaysian plans.

·       Discovering the trends and development of the energy sector.

·       Identifying ways to tap into the renewable and alternative energy incentive provided by Malaysia

·       Discuss the need for Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan.




        Matthias Gelber                                                          Afifi Zainal                                         Ir. Wan Syakirah Wan Abdullah                                   


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  Zurina Amnan                                                       Zabidah Daud                                                         Shashi Kumar Parameswaran  


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  K.K.Kong                                                             Dr Lim Daw Yuen                                                          Salem Sheikh Omar                       


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  K.K. Ralhan                                                             Anand Ramakrishnan                                              Hirzun Mohd Yusof  


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  Sarina Bt Sulaiman                                                   Prof. Dr. Maizirwan Mel  


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• Utilities & IPPs
• Large Energy Users
• Project Developers
• EPCs
• Solar Power Installers
• Distributors
• Government & Regulators
• Cities, Provinces, Autonomous Regions & Municipalities
• Investors & Financiers
• Corporate Companies with the key interest in the renewable energy are also invited such as CEOs, Directors, Project Managers, or company engineers & researchers.













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