Building are the top energy user in most cities, accounting for approximately 50-75% of citywide energy use. Developing nations like Malaysia surely has numerous numbers of commercial and non-residential buildings. Having dependent mainly on oil and gas generated power plants for half a century, Malaysia had realized the importance of managing and using the precious energy wisely and efficiently. There are many options for building owners and managers to introduce and empower efficient energy usage in their building. Unfortunately, there is no magic silver bullet when it comes to energy efficiency in office buildings for the Malaysian climate. In other words, there does not exist one single item which can reduce building energy consumption by 50% or more. Energy efficiency in office buildings in this climate has to be addressed holistically by addressing every available opportunity.

Our government has already begun to seriously improving the energy consumption to be more efficient by proposing the new Energy Efficient Act and reviewing the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan. Measures also has been done to cut down operational cost by retrofitting 50 government buildings where those buildings will be equipped with energy efficient components and appliances. Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges facing energy efficiency projects is a shortage of investment. Government has play their part by providing incentives, tax deduction and grant to encourage the adaptation of Energy Efficient technologies. Actions should be taken to establish new innovative operational financing schemes that can provide adequate funding for the old building to be retrofitted or the new building to be constructed in Energy Efficient design.

The Energy-Saving Technology for Builidngs Conference 2019 is jam-packed with knowledge, latest trends, strategies and implementation techniques, issues and their solutions, as well as case studies from successful Energy Efficient projects. It therefore aims to offer a new and deeper understanding of how to turn your building into an energy efficient building. This understanding will translate into improved energy consumptions, systematic energy management reduced costs of operation.




·        Explore latest Energy-Saving trends and technologies available for your Buildings

·        Discover every aspects and possibilities of Energy-Saving that can be installed to your Buildings

·        Refresh your understanding on the initiatives, policies and act applicable for Energy Efficient Buildings

·        Learn the best tips and tricks on Energy Management to save more!

·        Expose yourself with available financial solutions for your building to adapt Energy-Effcient features

·        Express your ideas and channel any enquiries through the Q&A sessions

·        Meet face-to-face with the Energy Efficiency Experts and Technologist


The Energy-Saving Technology for Builidngs Conference is jam-packed with knowledge, latest trends, strategies and implementation techniques, issues and their solutions, as well as case studies from successful Energy Efficient projects that will be delivered through this 15 interesting topics!



This conference is specifically tailor made for:

• Energy managers
• Executives and management groups from large energy users
• Internal energy management team members
• Facilities and asset managers
• Operation and maintenance managers and executives
• Asset owners, administrators and facility management companies
• Energy management and energy efficiency consultants and practitioners
• Registred Electrical Energy Managers with Energy Commission

From various corporate companies, private and government sectors, education institutions as well as any other establishments.


        Mohd Huzaifah Bin Salleh                                    Gregers Reimann                                                    Mr. Tan Lim Soon Fu                                   


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     Wong Tin Song                                                   Kumaran A/L Palanisamy                                       Jeyakumar Singam                       


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    Zulkiflee Umar                                                   Jeyanandan Kumar                                                   Rezza Arif                                                            


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   Dr Sajad Naghavi                                                    Prabodh K Sheth                                                   Ahmad Nizam                                                                         


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