The housing in Malaysia is not about availability, but about affordability. In recent years, Malaysians are finding it a struggle to own a home. With the property market flourishing, prices of houses have sky-rocketed, especially the ones in the urban areas. Unsold properties, their numbers mounting, are a telling sign that there is no shortage of houses to meet existing demand. In fact the numbers of unsold properties has been rising and spiking in 2016 – 2019 according to statistics from the National Property Information Centre (NAPIC).

Since the fourth quarter of 2011, the residential property prices have recorded a quarterly price increase of above 10%, which are generally due to factors such as increasing price of land and construction material, higher labour cost and speculative activities. The lack of integrated planning and implementation by multiple authorities involved in developing affordable housing for different target groups has also said to hamper provision of an affordable housing
However the government would still support the idea of making more affordable homes.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin has act upon this issue by doing an Affordable projects will be built under the federal government‘s National Affordable Housing Council, which will be a subset of the National Housing Council. The two common ways to solve this issue are to build more affordable homes, and loosen lending regulations to make more loans available. Under the new government, an allocation of RM 1.5 Billion in the continuation to support the construction and completion of affordable homes.

Looking at how critical the situation is, the Affordable Housing Conference 2019 aims to be the premier gathering of agencies, developers, and affordable housing professionals across the country and Asia Pacific region, to discuss and evaluate the issues, challenges, opportunities as well as trends on how to increase housing opportunities through the financing, development and preservation of affordable housing, as well as providing a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas and information on sustainable affordable housing development in the country.




• Reviewing planning mechanisms in retaining, promoting and creating affordable housing
• Determining effective urban planning and building approvals systems
• Encouraging an efficient supply of land and housing types that meet the diverse housing needs
• Building affordable homes through effective construction cost, quality and time
• Creating an appropriate delivery platform for housing in each city
• Working with private sector and local communities in setting clear aspirations for housing throughout the cities


The Conference provides the chance to be fully updated on Affordable Housing by some of the most Senior Figures in the sector, whilst networking with the leading professionals in Housing from across the region. It will examine what affordable housing really is in 2019, what the Government legislation means and the Budget 2019 has in store for targeted groups, as well as where the commercial opportunities are, by focusing on significant issues as listed below:
• Key issues in Government Policy and other initiatives of providing adequate and quality Affordable House
• Local Government’s role in encouraging housing delivery and how can housing targets realistically be met
• Partnership between Public & Private sector to enhance the project delivery system
• Managing and eliminating the housing shortage through the development of vertical affordable housing
• Utilization of locally sourced material for sustainable affordable housing construction
• Understanding what first-time buyers really want
• Encouraging environment-friendly facilities for enhanced livability
• Issues and challenges of affordable housing policy among Lower- and Middle-Income Groups


This conference is specifically tailor made for:
Government Authorities & Ministries Director Secretary Generals, Heads, O¬fficers of:
• Housing
• Affordable Housing
• Finance
• Public Private Partnerships
• Development
• Urban Planning
• Projects
• Investments
• Economic Development
• Urban (Re) development
• Construction
• Public Works
• Rural Development

Property Developers, Construction Firms, Contractors & Builders Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, MDs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Heads of:
• Planning & Development
• Urban Planning
• Engineering
• Land Surveying
• Operations
• Procurement
• Investments
• Projects
• Sustainability
• Energy Efficiency
• Environment and Safety
• Legal and Compliance
• Building & Construction
• Building Codes and Assessment Architecture and Consulting Firms
• Chief Architects
• Managing Directors
• Landscape Architects
• Heads of Design
• Heads of Urban Planning
• Heads of Sustainability
• Heads of Energy Efficiency
• Heads of Green Building

Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, MDs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Heads of:
• Investment
• Syndicated Financing
• Microfinancing
• Rural Lending
• Mortgage Lending
• Mortgage Insurance


        Dr. Daniele Gambero                                                   Carmelo Ferlito                                            Dr. Muhammad Najib Razali                                   


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  Ar. Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnain                         Dr Ainoriza                                                           Datuk Ar. Hj. Saiful Anuar Abdul Aziz


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  Syamsul Arman Yap                                         Charles Tan                                                               Parthipan Periasamy


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  Dr. Alauddin Sidal                                          Ivan Chan                                                               Jaiya Bin Abu


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  Mr. Warrick Singh                                          Professor Dr. Ismail Omar                                                             


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