The construction industry is a noteworthy marker of the financial development of a country. As we welcomed the 21st century and have since entered the digital era, key players of the construction industry are able to connect and cooperate in spite of geographical borders, and with that, we see novel techniques and new trends emerging in efforts to address a plethora of different problems that arise within the industry.

Aside from observing cutting edge technologies that are proven to be beneficial to industry players, some challenges faced by the Malaysian market are unresolved issues rising from the ongoing and widespread adoption of traditional methods as well as elemental issues such as shortage of qualified workers, technology adoption, environmental sustainability and overall project complexities.

For an all-encompassing and deeply rooted industry such as construction, the resistance to adopt new solutions is still apparent and therefore must be addressed with patience, a deep understanding and a vast amount of knowledge; the 3 fundamental elements required to tackle long-withstanding issues and create a more competitive edge in the global markets.

Comfori’s inaugural Construction & Property Development Conference 2019 will deliver multiple perspectives on the construction and property industry that are cross-linked to areas such as quality management, risk management, productivity and offer various solutions for the benefit of construction professionals and property developers during a project’s lifecycle, as well as serve as a platform for industry players to share ideas and forge new partnerships.
With this year’s tagline—Breaking Boundaries and Shifting Paradigms, the conference will showcase the influence of human capital and as the implementers of policies and practices that is the driving force and the determinant of change and success for our deeply entrenched industry.

Topics that will be covered will aid practitioners in recognizing current as well as future issues, and the practical steps to resolve them.




- Be part of Comfori’s inaugural development and construction infused conference where major industry will players gather around to address salient issues on property management & construction
- Be presented with actual data, information as well as analysis from industry experts
- Gain professional insights on strategizing new approaches to crucial problems
- Comprehensive coverage on the latest regulatory updates, current & future trends, as well as challenges and the way forward
- Excellent opportunity to learn and network


The Construction & Property Development Conference 2019 is designed for those who are involved in property development and construction and will be addressing issues such as:
- IBS in construction for Developers & Contractors
- Project Delays
- Stakeholder management
- Labour supply & contracting
- Productivity
- Legal issues intertwining developers & contractors
- Opportunities, future outlooks and threats
- Best Practices
- Expansion into foreign markets
- Risk Management
- The issues with communication
- Sustainability
- Top Developer SOPs for successful project management


This conference is specifically tailor made for top level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, Heads, President, VPs, Directors, GMs and senior personnel including Local Government, Agencies & Authorities from industries such as:
• Property & Real Estate
• Construction
• Building & Infrastructure Technologies
• Building & Property Management
• City, Town & Country Planning
• Engineering—Civil & Structural
• Land & Administration
• Project Management
• State Authorities
• Statutory Planning
• Sustainability Development
• Urban Design & Architecture
• Urban Infrastructure Planning & Development

As well as from other related industries


          Prof (B) Dr Ir Maulud Abdul Latif                                  Gunaprasath Bupalan                                        Prof Salleh Buang      


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  Pua Jing Yi                                                               Dato’ Sr. Dr. Azimuddin Bahari                               Dato’ Faris Yahaya  


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  Tn Haji Mohd Zaharuddin Ruskam                          Rozainah Binti Ibrahim                                               Joshua Kang     


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  Professor Dr. Ismail Omar                                     Dr. Daniele Gambero                                                                                  


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