Comfori Sdn Bhd proudly invites you to our inaugural Women In Construction Conference 2019.

The construction industry has always been the pillar for Malaysia’s economic growth with around 1.33 million people employed in the construction industry in Malaysia in 2017. Despite the expanding workforce, the mind-set that women aren’t as proficient or successful as their male counterparts in the construction site still looms in this day & age, altogether preventing women from further excelling in the industry.

Our mission is to empower women and assist companies in reshaping their culture in order to secure greater equality in the workplace.

Through a combination of inspiring keynotes from top female industry leaders, discussions on how to solve industry challenges, skills workshops and unparalleled networking opportunities, Comfori Sdn Bhd’s Women in Construction Conference 2019 will motivate and provide valuable insights you need to be a women construction engineer that both male & female can look up to.




• Presentation on the point of view of several individuals from CEO of an engineering company, high rank female officers & managers, and decision makers who champion this movement.
• Get to know speaker from Malaysia’s women associations & from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
• Speakers will share their success stories on how they get where they are now & advices that they have learn on their journey.
• Share the perception of female construction engineer and the steps women can take to raise their career in this field.
• Explore the aspect of what is needed in every leader
• Opportunity to learn, network & socialize with the peers of the construction industry leader.


Women in Construction conference aims to bring senior decision makers together to share the most effective implementation strategies on:

• Building self-confidence that shows to employees and top management.
• Component needed in a leader in a highly performance based industry.
• Advice on challenges commonly faced by female construction engineers.
• providing insight through instructional panels on key areas in a professional field
• providing instruction and advice on career path advancement
• providing discussion on life-work balance


This conference is specifically tailor made for top level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, Heads, President, VPs, Directors, GMs and senior personnel including Local Government, Agencies & Authorities as well as the following:

• Construction department
• Business Development
• HOD of the departments
• Project Director & Manager
• Quality surer
• Finance department (involve in managing construction financing)
• Human resource department
• Safety managers & personnel
• Design / Architect department
Related Industries such as:
• Manufacturing & Production industry
• Construction Industry
• Architects
• As well as from various industries


        Ms. Pengiran Noraini                                                   Ir. Sharifah Azlina                                              Norliana Aida Ramli                           


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  Ir. Normiza Mohamad Nor                                           Hashimah Hashim                                                   Lillian Tay


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     Zalina Jamaludin                                                    Ir. Vun Wey Tyng (Jess)                                                   Claire Keow


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     Neeti Mahajan                                                    Angeline Ann Samuel


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