Moving into 2H 2018 and beyond, the property market is expected to pick up with more enquiries and investment activities. Based on Knight Frank Malaysia's latest research report, Real Estate Highlights First Half of 2018 highlights the property trends and outlook in key markets of Malaysia, namely industrial market, office market and retail market. Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) president Eric Lim Chin Heng also shares positive sentiment that the improvement will continue until 2020 and predicts based on the market’s “confidence-gaining growth” as well as the fundamentals improving under the new government.

Housing prices are said to firm up too in 2019 and this is closely associated with strata-type property which has been all the rage in the recent years. It is also expected to be "the living model" if not already. Since this type of property share common facilities and areas, three important statutes affect its development and living in Peninsular Malaysia, which came into force on June 1, 2015 – namely the Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2013, the Strata Management Act 2013 and the Housing Development (Control & Licensing) (Amendment) Act 2012. Most recently, the Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2016 came into effect on January 1, 2017. As of January 2017, it is estimated that close to seven million people live in strata properties in Peninsular Malaysia. These latest development affecting strata law therefore has a tremendous impact on our society.

The Property & Strata Conference 2019 is one-of-a-kind practical forum which will review the impact of these latest amendments since they were enforced. Representatives of affected parties (housing developers, property managers, relevant authorities, strata owners etc.) attending this event will obtain a deeper understanding of the latest development, trends and critical issues affecting strata living in the country, as well as having an exposure to the economic outlook across the country, while examining in-depth market conditions in the residential, office and mixed-use sector.




• Be part of the annual strata-focused conference where all the major industry players gather around to address salient issues on stratified property.
• Data, information and analysis from the real estate experts in the real estate industry on some of the growths & ills affecting the market.
• Professional insights on strategizing new approach to further boost the residential and commercial properties market
• Broader perspective on the Malaysian property industry along with its leading-edge development trends
• Comprehensive coverage on the latest strata management and property regulatory and compliance issues
• Excellent opportunity to learn, network and make deals with renowned property industry leaders and peers


The Property & Strata Conference 2019 is designed for property owners, developers, property managers and more. It will cover topics on the progress in implementation, latest developments and current issues of the strata and housing development legislations, namely Strata Management Act (SMA) 2013, the Strata Management (Maintenance & Management) Regulations 2015, Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2016, and their related regulations, by focusing on significant issues as listed below:

• Strata Ownership – What exactly do you own & why you need a strata title?
• Challenges and Intricacies of Forming a Subsidiary Management Corporation (sub-MC)
• Strata Management Act 2013 (SMA): Administration and enforcement
• Powers of management body – Joint Management Body (JMB) and its duties
• Rise of ‘Register of Property Managers’ – Impact on the Industry
• Property market trends in 2019 – Malaysia's property market is picking up
• Commercial office market – Co-working spaces to help reposition market demand
• Spearheading the Proptech Opportunities – How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Market
• Overview of Strata Management in Mixed Developments & Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs)
• Prevention & Resolution of Strata Disputes – Strata Management Tribunal



This conference is specifically tailor made for top decision makers, MDs, C-Suite Executives, VPs, GMs, and HODs of the following divisions:
• Property management
• Business development
• Project management
• Strategic planning

of Government Ministries / Agencies & Property and Real Estate companies. This conference will also greatly benefit:
• Property Developers
• Property Consultants
• Property Owners & Managers
• Lawyers and Legal Counsels
• Joint Management Committees/Joint Management Bodies/Management Corporations
• Resident Associations


    Sr. Ahmad Zailan Azizuddin                         Professor Datuk Dr Nik Mohd Zain Nik Yusof                         Lai Chee Hoe                           


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  Chris Tan                                                                     YY Lau                                                               Ar. Ezumi Harzani Ismail            


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  Dr. Suntoro Tjoe                                                           Viola De Cruz                                              David Soosay


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    Prem Kumar                                                             Datin Shireen Tan                                             Sr. Matthias Loui


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    Dr Daniele Gambero                                                    Abdul Rahman Mohd Nasir                       Muhammad Nasrullah Shahrul Azhar


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  Sr Haji Ishak Ismail                                                       Prof S. Venkateswaran