What image springs to mind at the mention of the words ‘personal assistant’? To most, it’s a business-suited, well-groomed minion with thick framed glasses resting on the tip of her nose, chasing the heels of an overbearing boss while having a variety of telecommunication devices strapped on to be able to answer phones, reply messages and take down notes on the go.

With Hollywood also painting entertaining depictions of the lives of young and hopeful PAs bursting into the harshest of industries and waiting for their ‘big breaks’, the realities of such positions are evolving drastically within the workplace. PAs are so much more than manual type-writers, coat hangers, and coffee-makers.

Gone are the days where secretaries are only responsible for filing and typing as observed a generation ago. The modern day secretary is more than a complier of the Companies Act—she has become a crucial and necessary figure; a comrade and support system every company needs in order to meet its goals.

PAs are a valuable asset to our industry and are steadily gaining recognition as fundamental positions in organisations. A report by (2017 & 2018) was carried out disclose the top 3 positions with the highest pay in various industries in Malaysia.

In the Administrative/ Clerical industry, the highest pay was found to be held by Personal Assistants to the CEO (Manager Level), Administrative/Office Managers, Safety Managers (Manager Level), PAs and Secretaries (Senior/Junior Excecutive) with experience ranging between 3-10 years.

Though results may not be generalised to the entire population, many companies and top-tier leaders see the relevance of such a role and its value to their organisations and as such, a need to produce qualified and highly motivated professions under the administrative umbrella is vital for prolonged success.

“How important do you see yourself in the face of your organisation? What does improvement mean to you? What existing skills can you further develop? And how can you stay relevant as a valuable asset in your organisation?

These are the questions we hope to address as we take you on a 2-day high-impact learning and sharing experience with highly experienced professionals. We invite you to be part of this conference as we understand the commitment and path to continuous professional development.

As the modern-day PA evolves, they are compelled not only to develop personally, but being able to provide first class professional assistance to their bosses and be an active team member in their teams. PAs are vital members of the management team and are expected to continuously increase in productivity and add value in their work dealings. To accomplish this, PAs need the kind of know-how and work-smart ideas to better manage their inner self, expectations, and others around them. This conference aims to provide excellent tips and fundamental strategies for adding value to your role while increasing productivity and credibility as a professional.

This conference will teach you the importance accountability, secrets of dealing with people, time-management and a host of relevant skills which improve your on-the-job performance, making you the Rockstar PA you are meant to be!




At the end of this conference, you will be able to:

• Meet many professionals like yourself and form new networks
• Learn crucial skills that are necessary in today’s competitive industry
• Discover and sharpen your strengths to be applied in your current role
• Form a deeper understanding on the dynamics of administrative positions and how to use it to your advantage
• Realise your relevance, and harness next-level skills for professional development


Dynamic PA & Secretary Conference 2018 is a knowledge exchanging and networking platform designed to gather senior and intermediate PAs and EAs across the nation to learn and exchange essential strategies, skills and industry know-hows that can aid in everyday workplace dealings, as well as personal enhancements to thrive in their roles in this brand new era of connectedness. In essence, this conference aims to help you discover:

• Ways to productively deal with your boss
• How to manage the fundamentals such as email and diary management, workplace etiquette, and taking meeting minutes like a pro
• The effective ways to juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously
• How to handle difficult people, office politics and high-stress scenarios
• The challenges and power of communication at the workplace
• How to lead, solve problems and develop your business writing skills
• How to develop and improve your negotiation skills
• Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and coping strategies in the workplace
• The evolution of the role of the PA and how to advance in your career


This conference is especially designed for all administrative personnel such as the following:

• Personal Assistants and Executive Secretaries
• Secretaries
• Private/Confidential Secretaries
• Administrative Personnel directly reporting to top management

From various corporate companies, private and government sectors, Education agencies as well as other establishments