Project management is at the heart of what makes a construction project flow. While it deals with the technical sides of budgeting and execution, it also requires a people component, where project managers have to work with the individual needs of the builders, stakeholders, and community.

           However, project management is one of those terms that can conjure up all sorts of negative images and it is often associated with large scale, difficult tasks and carries implicit references to risk and the potential for things to go horribly wrong. When we think of project management, we often think of big schemes like super tall buildings, nuclear power stations and rail links. In reality, project management applies to small-scale as well as large-scale activity. So even projects that are relatively small – and that includes a domestic self-build or renovation – need to be managed. But by whom? This is where a project manager comes in; to oversee and manage the construction, refurbishment/ renovation process, from initial planning, to move-in day and beyond, as well as to keep projects on time and on budget.

              This inaugural Project Management for Building & Facilities Conference 2018 endeavours to share ideas on all aspects of Construction and Project Management, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. This is an exceptional forum for building operation and maintenance staff with project management duties, maintenance and facility managers, project managers and planners and other industry practitioners to present, discuss and uncover current and emerging industrial issues, problems, questions, and new developments in order to achieve successful delivery and completion of refurbishment/ renovation, extension and new building construction




• Provide you with proven techniques, tools and skills for managing contracting and procurement on projects.
• Guide you through today’s project delivery strategies and contractual arrangements.
• Learn the benefits, the risks and how to monitor contractors and vendors for optimum performance.
• Suitable for all stakeholders in construction and real estate operations including Maintenance and Facility managers, property management, contractors, engineers, asset managers, project managers and building professionals who need to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies to help be effective project managers and process leaders.
• Meet and discuss recent development in the area of Construction and Project Management.
• Network with specialists in the field and your peers


Project Management for Building & Facilities Conference 2018 is a two-day interactive event dedicated to helping built environment professionals and the wider supply chain improve efficiency and save money through effective Project Management methodologies in construction, extension and refurbishment/ renovation of buildings. It covers significant aspects such as:

• Construction Project Management in the Context of Facilities Management
• Planning as Key to Project Managing
• Proven strategies for managing costs and maximizing ROI for any hotel renovation scenario
• Financial modeling for project managers
• Procurement considerations for reconstruction and renovation projects
• How to Plan and Budget the Cost of Build-Out Office Space
• The project manager's role in integrating design and construction
• Financial benefits and considerations of a contractor delivery in construction phase
• Project Management for the Commissioning Process
• Agile Project Management


This conference is specifically tailor made for:-

• Building operation and maintenance staff with project management duties
• Maintenance and Facility managers
• Project managers and planners
• Construction managers
• Building and property managers
• Building engineers