Since the early age long, women had been represented as just individuals whom presumably unable to take up the job in engineering. A point in the pass especially in the renaissance & the industrial age, women were unable to partake in any engineering, R&D, and even military front-liner because of the perception that they won’t be able to produce the outcome similar to that of men. Now women has every opportunity to climb that ladder as same as the men. A woman can believe that she can rise up being among the decision makers for an organization, and as such aspire to be a leader in the engineering department despite being in a male-dominated field.

However despite the diversity, women continue to be significantly under-represented as engineers. This under-representation is magnified at management and executive ranks. A range of factors contributes to the gender disparity, including unconscious bias, working flexible roles, and managing stakeholder relationships.

This Forum will be about taking on what it takes to be a leader in engineering field as a woman, to take on the challenges that they often faced. We will be touching on the core principles of stepping up and lead, to instil confidence among management to trust in you to get the job done. It is also important for male leaders to understand the potential possibility for championing women into leadership role. It goes without saying that will be driving towards breaking the perception on the barriers that have prevented women to reach leadership. Comfori Sdn Bhd proudly presents its first Forums that focus & supports on women having a place in the engineering world.




• Presentation on the point of view of several individuals from CEO of an engineering company, high rank female officers & managers, and decision makers who champion this movement.
• Speakers will share their success stories on how they get where they are now & advices that they have learn on their journey.
• Learn how to resolve the looming issue that is the grass ceiling that most female engineer faces when pursuing the title of Manager.
• Share the perception on the engineering environment in eye of a female engineer and the steps women can take to raise their career in this field.
• Explore the aspect of what is needed in every leader:
   - Resilience in this high performance industry
   - Skills developing to strengthen leadership dynamic
   - Career transition into senior management roles.
• Opportunity to learn, network & socialize with the peers of the engineering industry leader.


Comfori sdn bhd’s Women In Engineering Leadership Forum Malaysia aim to bring senior decision makers together to share the most effective implementation, strategy on how to solidify a culture ideology about what it means to be a competent leader in the engineering industry such as:
• Building self-confidence that shows to employees and stakeholders.
• Mastering the ways to adapt in a male dominating environment
• Building career transition to senior level decision maker.
• Component needed in a leader in a highly performance based industry.
• Utilising emotional intelligence to inspire performance.

The forum will also touch on way that top management can do to support such as:
• Coping strategies and resources by adopting both male & female leadership capability.
• Acknowledge the potential talent of women by pushing them to take the lead.
• Reformatting work culture that benefits all.


This conference is specifically tailor made for top level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, Heads, President, VPs, Directors, GMs and senior personnel including Local Government, Agencies & Authorities as well as the following:

• Business Development Manager
• HOD of the engineering departments
• HOD of the manufacturing facilities
• HOD of R&D in STEM.

Related Industries such as:
• Manufacturing & Production industry
• Engineering Industry
• R&D Think tank facility

As well as from various industries