Effective Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is crucial to manage and grow a business. The GRC strategy of an organization is the main map to navigate the business. As businesses struggle to ensure continuity, the GRC strategies need to be fine-tuned to rise above current industry challenges. GRC is at the helm of every organization as it is the operational strategy that assist to align associated risks to business goals, manage risks affectively, and stay in compliant to government and industry regulations.
The GRC Conference 2024 by Comfori is the nexus where industry players converge to gain the latest insights, exchange ideas, and forge new networks towards more sustainable businesses. Industry leaders will share their knowledge on topics such as current governance strategies, leadership, risk management and compliance management. The focus would be to disseminate information related to GRC strategies in-line with the sustainability agenda and amidst the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and blockchain. By adapting to these emerging technologies and sustainability requirements, organizations can increase agility to better seize any opportunities brought about by these new industry disruptors while at the same time achieve resilience in the face of challenges to come.




Governance Risk and Compliance Conference 2024 (GRC 2024)
ACQUIRE up-to-date knowledge on current trends such as digitalization and AI in GRC
GAIN insights about important GRC strategies to manage crises
DISCOVER best-practices of GRC in prominent organizations
ATTAIN first-hand account on how to manage risks
CONNECT with like-minded professional to exchange valuable experience and insight on industry updates


The GRC Conference 2024 by Comfori is the meeting point for all top-level decision makers involved in strategizing the Governanace, Risk, Compliance (GRC) such as Mid-Senior, Senior & C-Suite Management from private organizations, Local Government, Agencies & Authorities including the following:
• CEOs
• COOs
• CTOs
• CIOs
• Heads of Department
• President
• Vice Presidents
• Directors
• General Managers
• Senior personnel