In today’s era, workforce empowerment is defined as the way organisations make employees feel empowered and to be able to make independent decision that allow them to grow and learn professionally. As organisation leaders, Human Resource (HR) professionals and fellow employees, it is important to establish mutual understanding and trust to establish clear expectation that aligns with organisation vision, mission and value. The Employment Law is a fundamental legislative document relating to employment matters in Malaysia where it sets the minimum standards for working conditions and terms of service.

The legislation is a crucial piece that governs the employment relationships between employers and employees. As the landscape of employment law continues to evolve, HR professionals find themselves at the forefront of ensuring employees well-being and driving organisational success. Faced with different responsibilities daily, and often regarded as backbone of an organisation, HR practitioners play an integral role in managing employees’ needs. Even with the new amendment in Employment Act employers and employees need to keep abreast with the changes and to ensure that organisations are updated with policies in-line and implementing workplace standards.

Comfori’s Workforce Empowerment Conference 2024 provides the main platform to discuss critical and common issues in Malaysia. Together with the theme “Navigating Legal Insights, Empowering Careers Horizons” this conference fosters knowledge exchange with practical insights and advocate for best practices to drive change.

Happening on 24-25 July 2024, this conference promises to be an insightful gathering where experts, practitioners and legal minds converge to discuss the latest developments in employment law, workforce regulations and labour practices. While this conference offers valuable insights, participants will explore topics to protect their rights as an employee or an employer for fostering fair and inclusive workplaces while staying updated with the latest trends and development in Malaysian employment regulations.





• LEARN the new amendments in Employment Act 1955
• IDENTIFY common pittfalls that put organisations at risk
• OFFER fresh perspective on common employment law requirements
• EDUCATE organisations about employment law and exchange ideas with some of most experienced in HR field
• FOCUS on the relevant and accuracy application of employment law
• UNDERSTAND the key fundamentals of labour practices and compliance accordingly
• GAIN insights when employees’ performance and redundancies are not managed properly
• IMPROVE understanding of workplace legislation
• BUILD networking with like-minded industry peers and resources


This conference is designed across all industries which include C-Suites, senior level professionals and executives of:

• Human Resource/Administration
• Employee/Industrial Relations
• Compensation & Benefits/Payroll
• Recruitment
• Talent Development/Acquisition/Management
• Trade Unions
• Performance & Evaluation
• Training & Development
• Industry Associations
• Occupational, Safety & Health
• Legal Practitioners
• HR Practitioners
• Recruiting Agencies

And every employee seeking to gain more knowledge in Labour Law, trends and challenges in the workforce development.