The commercial property rental and leasing in Malaysia is experiencing a robust growth. This trend is driven by rapid economic development, increasing foreign direct investments and an increasing in urbanisation. The dynamic market is segmented into various property types such as office spaces, retail properties, industrial and logistics facilities, and hospitality establishments, each offering unique demand drivers and growth potential. These factors are expected to boost the demand in rental and leasing sector which has encouraged sub-sectors to have positive increase in trade activities and positive economy growth.

Given the key trends include the rise of mixed-use developments that blend residential, commercial, recreational spaces, and the shift towards flexible workspaces and co-working spaces reflects the evolving nature of work and preferences for collaborative environments.This segment has led a surge transaction in rental and leasing activities with a positive momentum that will continue to grow. Of course, each type has its own charateristics and challenges that affect the performance and prospects of the commercial property sector nevertheless, these factors are expected to boost supply and demand across different sub-sectors.

Hosted in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Comfori’s Property Rental and Leasing Conference will take place on 15-16 May 2024 where we are putting together key topics including trends, dynamics, and diverse market that offer various opportunities for investors, developers, landlords and tenants. This conference will serve as an essential resource, offering a comprehensive summary of the latest methods and approaches practiced by industry experts to boost the vacancy rate in the country.




SUMMARISE an overview of commercial rental and leasing
REVIEW the fundamentals of contract draft
USE data and analytics to optimise rental and leasing performance
ADDRESSING commercial defaults and solutions
MANAGE and maintain rental and leasing properties
DISCUSS government initiatiaves to attract foreign direct investments and policies
STUDY possible solutions to address oversupply office spaces
DISCUSS other emerging trends to improve commercial property sector
CONNECT and NETWORK with industry players, practitioners and property experts





  DAVID ANN                                                               SR. DR. THAM KUEN-WEI                                            AR DAVID YEK

Trainer                                                                                    Managing Partner MV Valuers                                                Principal Consultant
                                                                                                & Estate Agents                                                                          DYA ARCHITECT


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IR DR. LEE WEI JYE                                          JASONDASS PILLAI                                            SR HJ ISHAK ISMAIL                                                        

Consultant                                                                       Country Manager                                                       Managing Director
ETC TRAINING SDN BHD                                          IBM GLOBAL REAL ESTATE                                           IM GLOBAL PROPERTY 
                                                                                                                                                                                 CONSULTANTS SDN BHD


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WITTER YEE                                               DR. DANIELE GAMBERO                                          DR. CHUA RHAN SEE                  

Senior Associate                                                     President                                                                             Deputy Director
SKRINE                                                                   MALAYSIA PROPTECH ASSOCIATION                             Town And Country Planning Department
                                                                                 Ceo & Co-founder AIVOT SDN BHD                                 MINISTRY OF HOUSING AND LOCAL
                                                                                                                                                                                  GOVERNMENT (PLANMALAYSIA)                      


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SEE KOK LOONG                                            CHARLES GREGORY                                                      EVAYNNE THAM      

Chief Executive Officer                                               Chief Executive Officer                                                  Tax Director
METRO HOMES REALTY BERHAD                            DIGITAL MARKETING                                                   THAM CONSULTING GROUP
                                                                                       CONSULTANCY SDN BHD                                                        


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LOW TUNG                                                            KEITH KUANG                                                     BEN LIAU      

Managing Director                                                 Co-founder & CEO                                                          CEO
CID REALTORS SDN BHD                                    DIGITAL MARKETING                                                      REALESTATEMY
                                                                                 BELIVE VENTURES SDN BHD                                                        


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This conference is designed especially for executives to senior level professionals and teams who are interested and involved in property rental and leasing from:

• Real Estate Developers
• Agency & Valuers
• Commercial & Residential Leasing Team
• Property Investors
• Property Management
• Local Authorities & Municipal Councils
• Property Surveyors
• Bankers
• Government Sectors
• Property Lawyers/ Legal Firms
• Contractors and Builders