This Building Maintenance Conference 2024 aims to be the gathering of building services practitioners to exchange knowledge, experiences, and insights in building maintenance practices. The maintenance of buildings plays a crucial part in ensuring that the premises functions as designed and this is a crucial aspect of most business operations. Building maintenance has certainly developed from preventive to predictive maintenance but most importantly is maintaining the maintenance efficiency for better impact and lasting results.

Furthermore, current climate conditions, environmental-governance-social (ESG) requirements and users’ preferences has certainly increased the demand for more future-forward premises. Incorporation of smart and sustainable solutions is an important investment to improve building resiliency. This event will also cover topics such as manpower planning, maintenance scheduling and building upgrades. Enhancing maintenance efficiency is the focus of this event as it is the key to unlock a building’s potential to stay up-to-date and relevant. Join us in this exclusive two-day conference to discover how to improve your building’s resiliency and expand your professional network. This Building Maintenance Conference 2024 is an event that aspire to enhance the overall performance building maintenance industry in the face of future challenges.




Professionals, practitioners, and industry players will converge on 20 – 21 May 2024 at the Building Maintenance Conference 2024. By joining this 2-day comprehensive conference participants can expect to:
GAIN important know-how on how to elevate the facilities maintenance field
ACQUIRE up-to-date knowledge on regulations and policies related to building maintenance
DISCOVER new technologies to elevate facilities maintenance
ATTAIN knowledge on new approaches in building maintenance
RECEIVE first-hand account on elevating building energy efficiency via maintenance
CONNECT with like-minded professional to exchange valuable experiences and insights on industry updates



This tailor-made conference is the go-to event this year as it aims to gather practitioners involved in the facilities maintenance including:

• Building and facilities maintenance officers
• Engineering manager and personnel
• Building control officers & regulators
• Building manager
• Building surveyor
• Contractors
• Architects
• Building owners