Organisations face rising expectations, unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In today’s digital era, stakeholder and community engagement has undergone a transformative shift, leveraging technological advancements to foster more dynamic and inclusive interactions. For every obstacle, it presents an opportunity for growth and transformation. Every organisation thrives to foster collaboration and optimising productivity to propel towards unparalled success. The digitisation has reshaped the way organisations connect with stakeholders by offering new opportunities and growth.

Engaging with stakeholders can bring valuable insights, perspectives and leading better decision-making with improved outcomes. By consistenly involve in a diverse range of stakeholders engagement, organisations can better understand the impacts of their actions on various groups and make more informed choices.

Join us for the Stakeholder and Community Engagement Conference that is scheduled to be held on 28-29 May 2024 in a lively city of Kuala Lumpur where we forge connections with industry leaders, professionals, experts and like-minded individuals to delve onto an evolving landscape of collaboration and community involvement.




UNDERSTAND challenges arise when engaging with different stakeholders
FOSTER a prosperous and inclusivity of stakeholder engagement
ENHANCE better communication strategies to convey complex and transparency information
BUILD strategic connections and meangful partnerships
ACCELERATE technological integration to explore more innovative tools and platforms that enhance communication and getting feedback
EMPHASIZE inclusivity and diversity in stakeholder engagement efforts to ensure stakeholders have voice in their decision-making process
NAVIGATE stakeholder relationships in today’s digital era
EXPLORE diversity in stakeholder collaboration and cultural heritage
STUDY case examples and explore stakeholder management framworks by different organisations
CONNECT and NETWORK with leading practitioners to enhance collaboration between stakeholders and communities for sustainable impact


This conference is designed especially for executives to senior level professionals and teams that are responsible for dealing with stakeholders and communities for both internal and external audiences of:

• Stakeholder Management
• Community Engagement
• Government Relations
• Project Management
• Community Relations, Liaison & Engagement
• Employee Engagement
• Public Relations/Public Affair
• Media Relations
• Social Media & Branding
• Corporate Communications
• Internal Communications
• Investor Relations/Investment
• Customer Service/Customer Experience
• ESG/Sustainability & Reporting