As the face and voice of the organization, public relations (PR) practitioners play a crucial role in elevating and maintaining an organization’s reputation. The PR Mainstage Conference 2024 is an exclusive event for PR practitioners to converge, share the latest happenings and get exclusive insights from prominent leaders in the field.

Shifts in consumer behaviour and digitalisation has significantly affected businesses, thus the PR and communications landscape must also evolve in-line with current trends to stay effective and relevant. It is crucial for PR pros to master how to utilize social media and artificial intelligence. Also highlighted at this event are PR’s bread and butter topics: crisis management, reputation management, branding, and leadership.

Essentially, the PR Mainstage Conference 2024 aims to cultivate evolution through continuous learning and networking among PR practitioners to achieve excellence. In short, this event targets to help PR pros excel at what they do best – forge and maintain a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship with the public.




Participants of PR Mainstage 2024 Conference can expect the following perks:

ACQUIRE up-to-date knowledge on current trends such as AI and social media in PR and communications practices
GAIN insights from prominent practitioner about crisis and incident management as a PR practitioner
DISCOVER the latest technology updates that can benefit PR
ATTAIN first-hand account on how to influence the public in a seemingly impossible situation
CONNECT with like-minded professional to exchange valuable experience and insight on industry updates



This tailor-made conference is the go-to event this year as it aims to gather practitioners involved in communication with the public including:

• Public Relations Manager
• Media & Communications
• Marketing
• Employee/Internal Relations
• Crisis Communication
• Creative Department
• Campaign Planners & Strategists
• Brand & Product Development
• Government & Public Affairs
• Digital & Social Media Managers
• Mid-Senior, Senior & C-Suite Management