Welcome to the new Urban Era! We are witnessing smart cities are blooming around the world. When Smart City framework was first introduced in 2019, manay sectors in Malaysia take the initiatives to incorporating various efforts to addressing key challenges and opportunities into smart cities, so quality of life can be improved. A brighter urban paradigm has come to stay to reach the common good, environmental sensitivity, tangible projects backed by data-driven design and artificial intelligence, green buildings, new mobility options and economy solutions.

The purpose of this highly anticipated event is to recognise the importance of cooperation with various stakeholders toward bringing sustainable solutions for city management and urban infrastructure development. Smart cities concept promise to be “smarter” in providing improved connectivity, quality of services through continuously monitoring of infrastructure, equality, security, communication and to promote economic growth and the progressive of city plans.

Hosted in vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, The Comfori’s Smart Cities and Sustainable Development Conference 2024 is an annual event that brings together leaders, policy makers, stakeholders and innovators to discuss the latest development, challenges and trends in the realm of emerging smart cities. This conference serves as a platform for sharing cutting-edge ideas, and strategies that are transforming urban developments into more sustainable, efficient and resilient cities and continuously act to be relevant and to place Malaysian cities to be on par with other cities globally and will have the opportunity to become more inclusive.




• SUMMARISE an overview of smart cities plan in Malaysia
• ENHANCE understanding of sustainability management and smart cities readiness
• DETERMINE the relevant concept of smart city components
• EXPLORE the progress of implemented initiatives of smart cities
• LEARN the cutting edge technologies and recent trend in developing smart cities
• ACCELERATE the execution and monitoring mechanisms to ensure the proposals are implemented in place
• UNDERSTAND the urgent need to meet national and global agenda
• MEET solutions to addressing urban challenges from rapid urbanisation
• NAVIGATE strategies and action plan for smart and comprehensive detailed in an inclusive manner
• EXPLORE recent development and technologies in healthcare facilities
• CONNECT and NETWORK with leading practitioners and experts in the field of developing smart cities



                ALICE ASIDAH                                               IR DR. MEGAT ZUHAIRY                                         RAJESHWARI KANESIN   

CHAIRPERSON                                                                          Chief Executive Officer                                                        Head 
Covering Head of Group Sustainability                                 NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY AGENCY                          APAC (5G AND BUSINESS) APOQLAR
KPJ HEALTHCARE BERHAD                                                     (NACSA), MALAYSIA                                                           HOLOMEDICINE TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                                                                                                                                                     SOUTHEAST ASIA PTE LTD.


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TS NGOH WAN FEI                                                        GEORGE TANG                                             VICKS KANAGASINGAM                                                      

Director                                                                            Founder & CEO                                                                 Chief Commercial Officer
GREENSCAPES SDN BHD                                            GRAFFIQUO ASIA SDN BHD                                           ASIA MOBILITI


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USHA POLUN PERUMAL                          DR. SHAHRUL AZMAN ABD RAZAK                                    CARRON LEE                  

Founder                                                                       Senior Principal Assistant Director                                            Associate Director Sustainable
BLUEPRENEUR ASIA VENTURES                           Publicprivate Partnership Unit,                                                  Products Certification                                                                            
                                                                                      PRIME MINISTER’S DEPARTMENT                                            GREEN QUARTER SDN BHD                                                                                        


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MOHD FADZLI MOHAMED                                    VANEE SIVASAMY                                   SYARIFAH NURAIDA        

Consultant                                                                   Senior Sustainability Manager                                Head Of Unit Centre For Smart City
SGS                                                                                 ZUNO CARBON                                                       Planning


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This conference is designed especially for executives to senior level professionals and teams that are responsible for shaping and executing smart city plan for both external and internal audiences of:

• Ministries, Agencies and Local Authorities
• Property/Real Estate Developers
• Property Investors
• Contractors & Builders
• Prop Tech
• Facilities Management
• Transportation
• Marketing & Research
• Strategy & Ventures
• Technology, IoT, Security Cybersecurity
• Healthcare
• Financial Institutions
• Green & Renewable Energy Initiatives
• ESG & Sustainability Reporting
• And those who involve in smart city planning and initiative