As the global real estate landscape evolves, the role of Chief Operating Officers (COOs) and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in steering the course of property management and finance becomes increasingly pivotal. The upcoming Property CFO & COO Conference: "Innovate, Integrate, Illuminate: Navigating the Future of Real Estate Finance and Operations" is a premier gathering designed to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities shaping this dynamic industry. This exclusive event brings together industry leaders, experts, and professionals to delve into a comprehensive spectrum of topics crucial to the success of modern real estate endeavors.

The conference serves as a platform for navigating the intricate interplay between operational excellence and financial acumen in the real estate domain. Against the backdrop of global real estate markets teeming with both opportunities and risks, the gathering aims to dissect the nuances and strategies for savvy investment decisions. Participants will explore cutting-edge innovations in facility management, emphasizing how technological advancements redefine property maintenance and operations, optimizing efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

At the heart of the conference lies the imperative to foster synergy between COOs and CFOs for enhancing property performance. Sessions will spotlight the harmonious integration of operational strategies and financial insights, demonstrating how collaborative efforts between these key roles drive growth and profitability. Delving into the age-old debate of commercial versus residential real estate, the conference will dissect the investment prospects, offering a comprehensive perspective to guide strategic investment choices.

Furthermore, sustainability takes center stage, with a dedicated focus on how CFOs can navigate the landscape of green investments. The event will showcase the evolving technologies revolutionizing property management, emphasizing the pivotal role of data analytics in informed decision-making. Participants will gain invaluable insights into trends, predictions, and the future trajectory of the real estate market, alongside in-depth discussions on property valuation, risk management, financing, tenant relations, and property development opportunities in this era of digital transformation. The conference stands poised to illuminate pathways for attendees to innovate practices, integrate strategies, and navigate the future landscape of real estate finance and operations successfully.






The Property CFO & COO Conference 2023 is the premier gathering uniting COOs and CFOs driving innovation in real estate finance and operations. This event serves as a node for industry leaders, fostering collaboration and strategizing around optimizing property performance, global market dynamics, sustainability, technological advancements, and risk management. With a focus on integration and innovation, this dynamic conference illuminates pathways to navigate the evolving real estate landscape, shaping a future where operational excellence and financial acumen converge for industry-wide success.


The Property CFO & COO Conference is a vibrant hub pulsating with cutting-edge insights, strategies, and pragmatic approaches in real estate finance and operations. Esteemed speakers and industry leaders converge to shed light on critical issues, present innovative solutions, and showcase successful case studies, fostering an immersive exchange of ideas that drives transformative progress in the realm of property management and financial acumen:

• Synergy between COOs and CFOs: Exploring ways to enhance collaboration and synergy between Chief Operating Officers and Chief Financial Officers for optimized property performance and financial strategies.

• Global Real Estate Markets: Understanding opportunities and navigating risks within the dynamic global real estate markets to make informed investment decisions.

• Sustainability Initiatives: Delving into sustainable practices and discussing how CFOs can guide green investments to align with environmental responsibility.

• Technological Innovations: Examining the latest technological advancements reshaping property management and operations, including the role of data analytics and digital transformation.

• Risk Management Strategies: Addressing effective risk assessment and mitigation strategies in real estate, considering market volatility and regulatory changes.

• Tenant Relations and Retention: Discussing strategies to enhance tenant relations, improve retention rates, and foster positive tenant experiences.

• Property Development Opportunities: Exploring development and redevelopment opportunities, including trends, challenges, and investment prospects in property development projects.



The Property CFO & COO Conference is ideal for professionals across various designations and posts within the real estate industry, including:

• Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
• Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
• Property Managers
• Real Estate Investors
• Asset Managers
• Development Managers
• Facility Managers
• Financial Analysts
• Risk Managers and Compliance Officers
• Technology and Innovation Experts
• Legal and Regulatory Advisors
• Investment Managers and Strategists
• Corporate Sustainability Officers
• Industry Consultants and Advisors
• Government Representatives and Urban PlannersSenior Associate, Dispute Resolution



         ISHMAEL HO                                                                       CHRIS CHOY                                                  RAZLAN RAGHAZLI

        Chief Executive Officer                                                        Digital Transformation Consultant                        Chief Executive Officer|
        HO CHIN SOON RESEARCH SDN BHD                                                                                                                   UBB INVESTMENT BANK LIMITED            


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TAN HWA CHUAN                                                   SUHENDRA ARIANTO                            DR. DANIELE GAMBERO                                        

Director and Shareholder                                              CEO and Co-Founder                                                  President
PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT                                         SERVEDECK                                                                  MALAYSIA PROPTECH ASSOCIATION                   
AND DURIAN DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                                                                 


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DR THAM KUEN WEI                                              AMIR KAMARUDIN                                      TAN HUI WEN                   

Managing Partner                                                                      Founder & Director                                    Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution
MV VALUERS & ESTATE AGENTS                                      ARK ASSET SDN BHD                                       SKRINE                    


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TS SATHIASEELAN K. DORAI RAJU                                  IR LEE WEI JYE                                             CHARLES TAN                               

Head of Property and Facilities                                                      Consultant                                                              Founder and Editor
Management, Management Development                                   ETC TRAINING SDN BHD                                 KOPIANDPROPERTY.COM                    
Institute of Singapore in Malaysia                                                                                                                                                                                


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