The Building Renovation and Rectification Conference 2024 is an exclusive event where practitioners involved in the renovation, refurbishing, rectification, and overall maintenance of buildings converge to exchange insights and experiences. Apart from reviving the aesthetic characters of buildings, building renovation and rectification also serves as crucial agents of upkeeping the safety and functionality of premises. This event is created as building renovation and rectification are key elements in building maintenance and resilient buildings play an integral role in enabling the various industries that drives the economy of the nation.
Among the issues that will be highlighted at this exclusive conference includes sustainability practices, new related technologies, and updates in current regulations relating to building renovation and rectification. As ESG compliance is becoming a trend and digitalisation is becoming the norm, it is important for practitioners to learn how to instil these two elements into their services to make sure that their buildings are resilient. It is also equally vital for businesses to ensure that renovation and rectification practices adhere to related regulations and policies in order optimize their operations. Additionally, risk management and identification of associated challenges in building upgrades are topics that will be presented as they are crucial factors for optimized facilities maintenance practices.

Possessing the theme, “Optimizing Renovation and Rectification Practices Towards Resilient Buildings,” it is anticipated that the Building Renovation and Rectification Conference 2024 will enable practitioners in the field to update their knowledge, discover new approaches and receive current industry updates. Participation in this conference will also allow participants to connect with experienced peers who are equally passionate about delivering optimized building refurbishing and maintenance. Upon completion of this 2-days conference ideally, participants will be the beacons that can pave the way for optimized building services that can withstand the test of time.




The Building Renovation and Rectification Conference 2024 will be a gathering of professionals, practitioners, service providers and personnel involved in facilities maintenance and management to share the latest insight, technology, experience, and in-depth knowledge on significant issues related to renovation, expansion, fit-outs & rectification of defects in buildings. By joining this 2-day exclusive conference participants can expect to:

• GAIN important and crucial information on renovation in buildings
• ACQUIRE up-to-date knowledge on regulations and policies related to building renovation
• DISCOVER the ideal route for a legal renovation
• ATTAIN knowledge on state-of-the-art technologies for building upgrades
• RECEIVE first-hand account on how fit-outs can optimize energy use in buildings
• CONNECT with like-minded professional to exchange valuable experience and insight on industry updates




         AMIRUL HAKIM MD. ZUBIR                                           KUAN YOU WAI                                                    AJ CHIN

        Head of Safety and Crisis Management                                Director of                                                                         Managing Director | Industry Advisor |
        KLCC URUSHARTA SDN. BHD.                                                PKN BUILDING SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD.                       Speaker | Author                            


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Ts. HASNUL HADI AHMAD NIZAN                          Ir JAMAL NASIR BIN ALI                             JEYAKUMAR SINGAM                                        

Facility Engineer,                                                                  Chief Executive Officer                                            Technical Director
MATRADE                                                                              PRTRANS SDN. BHD.                                             E PHASE ENERGY SDN. BHD.                         


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AZMIN AZIZAN                                                      AR DAVID YEK TAK WAI                                       TS. AZRUL ASMADI MOKHTAR                   

Head, Facilities Management                                         Consultant Architect                                                     Head of Smart Building Solutions,
ROBERT BOSCH SEMICONDUCTOR                             DAVID YEK ARCHITECT                                               EDGENTA GREENTECH SDN BHD                     
MANUFACTURING PENANG SDN BHD                                                                                                                                                                                  


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VICTORIA LOI                                                           Ts. MOHD HAFIZ ISHAK                                             GREGERS REIMANN                                     

   Partner,                                                                                Experienced Facilities Manager                                 Managing Director,  
   SHOOK LIN & BOK                                                                                                                                                     IEN CONSULTANTS SDN. BHD.                     


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Town Planner, Legal and Regulatory                            
Planning Division                     






This tailor-made conference is the go-to event this year as it aims to gather practitioners involved in the renovation and rectification of buildings including:

• Engineering Manager and personnel
• Building Owners
• Building Control Officers & regulators
• Building and facilities maintenance officers
• Building manager
• Building surveyor
• Contractors
• Architects