The Annual Property Conference 2024, is the go-to event of the year as practitioners in the property sector are all set to venture into another exciting year of dealmaking and further developing of the industry. This event is essential as the economic slump and disruptions to the supply chain caused the Malaysian property industry to experience only slight growth as prices of materials soars and labour shortage remains an issue. It is certainly high time for an event on the overview of the property industry where industry players come together to share knowledge, experiences, and strategies to enhance its progress.

A focus of the Annual Property Conference 2024, are reviews of existing trends such as e-commerce, hybrid working and rental trends that can significantly affect the property sector. Both property sales and property development which are indicators of the state of the property market will be covered at this event. Additionally, environmental-social-governance (ESG) compliance has also become the current focus for industries which also influence the demand on property infrastructure. In addition to the aforementioned topics, this comprehensive conference will also include other current subjects such as property affordability, tokenization of real-world assets and PropTech.

Annual Property Conference 2024 is an exclusive event that will be a meeting point for industry players to learn about the market outlook for the coming year, keep abreast with current regulations, formulate strategies, start sustainability initiatives, and establish mutually beneficial connections that will benefit their businesses in the long run. The Annual Property Conference 2024 serves as a platform for discourse on all-things property, a boost to turbocharge the business and ultimately aims to contribute to the revival of the property industry in Malaysia.




The Annual Property Conference 2024 (APC2024) aims to bring together leading professionals, experts, practitioners to share their insights, experiences and know-how relating to property development, current industry trends and relevant business strategies. During our comprehensive two-day conference participants can expect the following:
• Outlook for both residential property and commercial property sectors
• Highlights on the importance of sustainability aspects of property development
• Strategies to effectively increase property marketability
• Current trends affecting the property market and how to benefit
• Updates regarding property related regulations and policies
• Exclusive insights on property financing and investments
• Discover how Proptech can enhance properties with new technologies in-line with IR4.0



  PROF DATO SR. DR. AZIMUDDIN BAHARI                        RAZLAN RAGHAZLI                                         CHARLES TAN    

Managing Director of Nexar Property                                            Chief Executive Officer                                                Founder and Editor
Management (M) Sdn. Bhd. & Director                                         UBB INVESTMENT BANK LIMITED                            KOPIANDPROPERTY.COM                           
UDA HOLDINGS BHD                                                                            


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NG CHING YEE                                                              YULIA NIKULICHEVA                            Dr. PRASHANTH KUMAR                                                                 

Founder and CEO                                                     Head of Research & Consultancy                                Senior Manager
DIVERGENT STRATEGY                                           JLL PROPERTIES (M) SDN. BHD.                                  GAMUDA LAND SDN. BHD.


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  PROF. AINUL JARIA MAIDIN                                   DR. DANIELE GAMBERO                                     VINCENT BORGNE                                           

Professor                                                                               Co-founder and CEO                                                           Founder
INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY                          REI GROUP                                                                          BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMICS                          
OF MALAYSIA.                                                                           


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SR. SULAIMAN AKHMADY MOHD SAHEH                                                                                                              

RESEARCH, RAHIM & CO.               




This conference is specifically tailor made for all personnel involved in the property industry such as the development, management, transactions of properties including:
• Real-estate developers, agency, and valuers
• Property investors
• Commercial/Tenant/Leasing Team
• Contractors and Builders
• Architects
• Land Lawyers
• Local Authorities
• Government Sector
• Bankers
• Housing Associations
• Land Surveyors
• Auditors
• Legal Firms