Often we heard the function of administrators and secretaries require a high proficiency of variety jobscope. A role that often lives, even today, of unfriendly stereotypes. Those who work as organisation assistants attend meetings, know everything about the organisation, organise appointments, trips and and prioritising workloads. Being an organisation assistant requires an understanding to carry numerous secretarial work. It is essential to recognise the landscape of administrative work and continue to evolve with new challenges that may have emerged since then.

Addressing issues and challenges require a proactive approach, ongoing development and the ability to adapt the ever changing environments. By promoting knowledge-sharing, upskilling and networking, this conference aims to uplift administrative professionals and executive secretaries, and equipping them with the right tools they need to excel in their roles and contribute to the success of their organisations.

At this Comfori’s 2-day conference, participants will be furnished with interactive sessions comprising of discussion and exchanging ideas with the emphasis of promoting best practices and embracing technological advancement and rest assured delivering an invaluable experience to all participants.





• ENHANCE work productivity and time management; enabling administrators and secretaries in handling diverse responsibilities
• PROVIDE clear direction in your work process
• DELIVER desired result and outcome
• EMBRACE technology integration in an organisation
• LEARN to work in diverse environment at various level
• OVERCOME dynamic co-workers and unpredictable bosses
• ELEVATE work-smart strategies to produce significant results
• SEEK opportunites to upskill professional development


        CYMANTHA SOTHIAR                                         HJ SYAMSUL AMRI A RAZAK                   THAMIL SELVI A/P MANIKAM MUTHIAH                              

          Senior Manager Central                                                Trainer                                                                   Director And Corporate Trainer 
          Reservation Office                                                          SABAR TRAINING & RESOURCES                       ABSOLUTE EXCELLENCE TRAINING CENTRE


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SURAYA K. A. RAHMAN                                         CHLOE GAN                                                    DAVID ANN KC                                    

Clarity Coach Lifestyle Strategy                                HR Director                                                              Professional Trainer with over 20 years of
Enterprise                                                                     ARVATO SYSTEMS MALAYSIA                             experience in IT, Sales, Retail, Insurance,                               
                                                                                                                                                                         Customer Service and Training


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Personal Branding Coach And Consultant                 Head Human Capital                                                  Head Of Advisory and Human Development
                                                                                       KERETAPI TANAH MELAYU BERHAD                          MBI MODAL SDN BHD                            


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VEERAMATHEVI SUNDARAM                       KARTINI KARIM                                                 TAHIRAH MANESAH ABU BAKAR                                                                
Leadership Coach, Trainer & Consultant          Under Secretary of Administration Division                       NASARA CONSULT
ARVATO SYSTEMS MALAYSIA                           MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY                   
                                                                                 & SCIENCE (MOSTI)                               


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HAJAR ASWAD                                                FAZ KAMARUDDIN            
Certified Professional Image Consultant               Coach FAZFORWARD
COLOUR COTTAGE ENTERPRISE                                                                         


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This conference is tailored for both men and women at all administrative levels regardless of gender who are involved in administrative assistance:

• Executive Secretaries
• Personal Assistants
• Administrative Assistants and Co-coordinators
• Business Support Executives
• Office Managers and Team Leaders
• Any individual working in the office support field