Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is no longer today’s buzz word. It refers three central factors in measuring sustainability and promoting good governance practices in property development. In a revised submission of Malaysia Nationally Determined Contributions Registry (NDC) status, one of the key highlights is its mitigation ambition with an unconditional target to cut carbon intensity by 45% by 2030.

The question is how do we decarbonise building? How can a company or an organisation decarbonise buildings to meet ESG goals? As building decarbonisation is an evolving field, this conference may dedicate sessions to discussing future trends and emerging technologies which may include electrification, operation and maintenance, construction techniques, solar panel insulation, energy efficient system and looking at the life cycle of the building.

At this anticipated confererence, it focuses on addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with reducing carbon emissions in the building sector. ESG has become an important factor as a future-proof investment strategy, therefore it serves as a platform for knowledge exchange between professionals, policymakers, industry players, researchers and stakeholders from various industries to discuss and share knowledge on sustainable building practices and finding solutions and other strategies to achieve better decarbonisation practice so ESG goals can be achieved.




• OUTLINE the importance of building decarbonisation
• LEARN the purpose of building decarbonisation
• DISCUSS issues and trends that can be practiced by industry key players
• REVOLUTIONISE the advancements in technology to continue shaping better built environment
• NAVIGATE collaboration and decarbonisation effort
• MEET mutual mission and goals so Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) can be achieved
• LEAD the pathways to net-zero future
• GROW understanding of how decarbonising building has an impact on ESG



        BRIAN CHAN WEI SHONG                                                  GANESHA PILLAI                                                DINESH SINGH           


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RADZUAN TAJUDDIN                                                      ALWIN LONG                                      SHAZMIN SHAREENA AB AZIS                                    


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DATO’ DR. AR. KEN YEANG                                MURALI HARIPALAN                                      ALICE ZURIAH ASIDAH ABDULLAH                                                                           


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DR. DANIELE GAMBERO                                     N SAI BALAJI                                                       ZULKIFLEE UMAR                                                                           


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This conference is designed especially for executives, professionals and teams that are responsible for shaping and executing on their organisation's building decarbonisation:

• Property Developer
• Building Owner
• Engineers/Archictect
• Town Planner
• Building Maintenance & Operation
• Facilities Management
• Regulators / Policy Makers
• Agencies, Consultants,
• Industry Leaders, Key Stakeholders, Experts
• ESG, CSR, Investor Relations, Sustainability
• Academia