The Malaysian property market is expected to grow steadily this year despite moderately average projection due to external environment. With the accommodative measures, policies and continuous government support, these initiatives would support the growth of property sector.

In Malaysia, property law is governed by variety of laws and regulations including National Land Code, Strata Titles Act and Housing Development Act.

One of the most important aspects of property law in Malaysia is the concept of land ownership. Ultimately, all land owned either by state government, an individual, companies or various forms of tenure such as leasehold or freehold.

Another key area to focus is country’s efforts in promoting foreign direct investments and protecting the country’s interests on the world stage. Given the prolonged Russia-Ukraine, rising interest rate and recession among others, more efforts and initiatives should be proposed to boost the Malaysia economy. With this, it is important for the government to enhance Malaysia’s investment-friendly in support of property growth.

This year, Comfori’s Malaysia Property Law Conference (MPLC) will take place on 18-19 October 2023 and this conference will provide residential and commercial property pracitioners with a comprehensive guide to market, legislative and practices changes. Presented by high-calibre speakers, this conference offers valuable insights into current issues and practical advice for managing property-related issues. It provides opportunity for practitioners to connect, and learn from best minds in the area of practice.




GAIN key insights of the property market, government legislation and forecast of the year ahead

PROVIDE clear and current explanation of the concepts and principles of land and property law and procedure as applicable in Malaysia

DISCUSS major characteristics and general features of Malaysian land law and its development through a discussion of the provisions of the National Land Code as well as other relevant statutes and judicial decisions

RECEIVE essential legal updates on all aspects related to property as well as practical guidance on confidentiality agreements

INCLUDE updated and relevant information related to property law matters


          DR. SUNTORO TJOE                                                        SIVA SHANKER                                                          LESLEY LIM        

           Managing Director                                                   CEO Real Estate Agency                                                            Partner MAHWENGKWAI & ASSOCIATES
           MEADOWS FACILITIES SDN BHD                        RAHIM & CO INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD.                             ADVOCATES AND SOLICITORS                          


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Sr HJ ISHAK ISMAIL                                            JOCELYN LIM YEAN TSE                                      ONG YU JIAN                 

Managing Director                                                          Resolution Partner, SKRINE                                      MESSRS RAJ, ONG & YUDISTRA
IM GLOBAL PROPERTY                                                   
CONSULTANTS SDN BHD                       


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DAVID KOK                                                                MICHAEL KOH                                           TPr ZAMIRZAN BIN PUJI                   

Partner,                                                                                Senior Associate                                                    Director
MESSRS DAVID KOK & PARTNERS                                MAHWENGKWAI & ASSOCIATES,                      Legal and Regulatory Planning Division,                                                 
                                                                                             ADVOCATES AND SOLICITORS                            PLAN MALAYSIA 


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TAN HUI WEN                                                                SHAUN PAULIAN                                               MURALI RAM                                                                   

Senior Associate (Dispute Resolution)                                   Managing Partner                                                        Cities & Advisory practice      
SKRINE                                                                                         D&P LAW GROUP                                                       ARUP


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TAN KIAN AUN                                                                TAN YONG MENG                                              VALERIE CHONG                                                                   

Associate Director                                                                CO-FOUNDER, PROPEASY                               President of Strata Management Tribunal,
HARTAMAS REAL ESTATE (M) SDN BHD                                                                                                        MINISTRY OF HOUSING AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT


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This conference is tailor-made for executives/professionals from public and private sectors such as:
• Builders/Developers
• Contractors
• Local Authorities
• Property Investor
• Bankers
• Real Estate Business Owners
• Housing Associations
• Engineers
• Key Partners & Suppliers
• Land Surveyors
• Commercial Leasing Team
• Property Agents
• Legal Firms
• Town Planners/Architects
• Auditors