The importance of establishing capabilities, leading to value, and fostering trust through transparency and iterative engagement with community and stakeholders has grown as the public sector has come to understand the value of doing so in order to foster trust and deliver citizen-centric initiatives.

This conference will showcase successful case studies from organisations at the forefront of innovative stakeholder and community engagement strategies. It will explore the fundamental tools of engagement required to break down barriers and how to measure and evaluate it's effectiveness.




Comfori’s Stakeholder & Community Engagement Conference 2021 will offer you a selection of topics that are related to stakeholders and community engagements will nourish your knowledge on the subject. By participating this conference you will
• Understand how to measure & evaluate communication & engagement
• Learn how to execute a successful stakeholder engagement strategy
• Examine the benefits & challenges of centralised stakeholder engagement co-ordination
• Managing successful community engagement pre, during & post emergencies





            RAVIN KRISHNAN                                                          MICHAEL WADER                                 GITANJALI SRIRAM           


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AMANDA CHONG                                                        SERINA CHIA                                           Hj SYAMSUL AMRI A RAZAK                                                                    


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EDISON CHOONG                                                        KHAIRUL ANUAR                                             DINA ZAMAN                                      


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KAMARUL ARIFFIN                                                   DATO' ZUHRI ISKANDAR KAMARZAMAN             SYED MOHAMMED IDID                                         


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FARIS EZWAN                                                          SUTAPA BHATTACHARYA                                        YAN LIM                                                                


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Senior leaders from Federal, State and Local Government with responsibilities for:
• Stakeholder & Community Engagement
• Public Affairs & Relations
• Community Relations, Liaison & Engagement
• Media & Communications
• Engagement & Strategy
• Customer Service & Experience
• Stakeholder Relations & Citizen Experience