No matter who and where we are financially, the year 2023 and beyond has yet to promise certainties for us in general. The two-year long pandemic period has left momentous impacts to all sectors, including the property rental sector.

This conference will take the delegates to look back and ahead, learn some lessons and gain some foresights on the property rental market globally, with our own country as the main focus of discussion; be it residential, commercial, or industrial property. The conference aims to discourse on the property rental market and all the issues surrounding it; the challenges expected to come with the economy recession, climate change and aging nation, as well as tapping into the ways available to make the most out of the resources and knowledge that we already have. The conference will also touch on the legal aspects, with a hint of some social responsibility awareness for the industry.

Set to take place on 12 & 13 July 2023, the inaugural Property Rental and Leasing Conference will gather real-estate professionals, investors, owners, researchers, and enthusiasts to share a piece of their knowledge and insights into Malaysia’s property rental market. Join us as we uncover the latest development, critical issues and emerging trends of the market in Malaysia!




• Property Rental Overview in the past 10 years; the growth and lessons learned
• Challenges of the emerging and recurring issues; deep economy recession, climate change dilemma and aging nation
• Profitability amidst the obstacles
• The proposed Residential Tenancy Act – what to expect out of it
• Benefitting from green leasing for sustainable and energy efficient property rental
• The noble purpose of the rental industry – towards better living


The Comfori’s Property Rental and Leasing Conference 2023 (PRLC2023) taking place on 12 & 13 July 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, is an inaugural property event where governments, companies, and experts come together to share their diverse knowledge and expertise and learn from different industry.

PRLC2023 features a wide range of topics in relation to property rental, with a focus on identifying the key challenges and the best ways to tackle them moving forward. Delegates will be able to interact with notable speakers on critical updates and direction of property rental market.



This conference is specifically tailor made for wide range of personnel from an organisation who are interested and involved in property rental & real estate business from the following:

• Real-estate developers, Agency and Valuers
• Corporate Real Estate/Property investors
• Commercial/Tenant/Leasing Team
• Property Management Credit Controllers
• Municipal Councils and Local Authorities
• Government Sector
• Bankers
• Property Surveyors
• Auditors
• Legal Firms and Property Lawyers
• Contractors and Builders




         Dr THAM KUEN WEI                                                     CHOK ZHIN TENG                                             RENGANATHAN KANNAN           


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CHARLES TAN                                                         Dr ZOKHRI IDRIS                                                JASONDASS PILLAI                                                                    


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  Ts Dr FOO CHEE HUNG                                            SAM CRISPIN                                                     IVAN CHONG                                      

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  YULIA NIKULICHEVA                                               MEYVEN KHOR                                                   LEE SENG HEE                                      

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