So how smart is smart city? We live in the time of global urban transition and chances are it’s evolve and smarter by the year. The main goal of smart city is to optimise city functions and promote economic growth while improving the quality living of citizens. As the government aims to turn federal territories into smart city by 2030 in line with the concept of Malaysia Madani, it focuses the emphasis aspect of sustainability with the concept of green and smart city.

At Comfori Smart Cities Conference, we will focus the concept of smart city, while addressing climate change, smart economy, technology, people, mobility, waste/recycling management, digital infrastructure and latest trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and metaverse.

In essence, a smart and sustainable city is an innovative city that uses technology to address urban issues and to increase the well being of citizens, while creating value to its entire ecosystems and other aspects of initiatives that are taken into considerations.





• OUTLINE the concept of smart city
• EXPLORE case study of successful smart cities
• APPLY smart economy by gaining better application of information and communication technology (ICT)
• ACCELERATE the use of solar energy
• UNDERSTAND the importance core of digital healthcare and technology
• MEET the initiative of low carbon strategies and the need of green city
• GOVERN environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability
• NAVIGATE better digital infrastructure for better network and broadband connections
• LEARN and NETWORK with inspiring field experts


    Dr. MAZLAN ABBAS                                                 Ts. Dr. RASLAN AHMAD, FASc.                                   MOHAMED ASHRAF HUSNI ZAI        


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Dr. JAMES TEE                                                              ALAN QUEK                                               NOOR SHAHIWAN                                                                    


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Dr. ERIC BALAN                                                            YASMIN LANE                                                 SARAHAH KEDAH                                               


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MOHAMED SADEK                                                               MOHD FUAD WAHARI                                       ALVIN WONG                                               


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GEORGE MATHEWS                       WAN ZULHAMLI WAN ABDUL RAHMAN                                              


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This conference is designed especially for executives to senior level professionals and teams that are responsible for shaping and executing smart city plan for both external and internal audiences of:

• Ministries, Agencies and Local Authorities
• Property/Real Estate Developers
• Property Investors
• Contractors & Builders
• Prop Tech
• Facilities Management
• Marketing & Research
• Strategy & Ventures
• Technology, IoT, Security Cybersecurity
• Healthcare
• Financial Institutions
• Green & Renewable Energy Initiatives
• ESG & Sustainability Reporting
• And those who involve in smart city planning and initiative