Administrators and secretaries are crucial members of the executive’s team and must be able to operate at peak mental and emotional efficiency. Among the skills that administrators and secretaries need are effective communication skills and leadership skills. Administrators and secretaries also require enhancement of personal growth and overall wellbeing therefore, they would benefit from knowledge of stress management and conflict management.

In order to stay relevant, administrators and secretaries also need to master new technologies and skills to allow their organization to operate both online and off-line. Apart from that, other aspects that would assist the professional growth of administrators as well as secretaries are personal branding and personal grooming knowledge

Being in their position, administrators and secretaries should optimize their professional relationship with the boss and learn the traits to be successful in their carrier. Finally, even though administrators and secretaries report directly to their bosses, it is also important for them to maintain good relations with other co-workers for a cheerful, productive and fulfilling work environment.




We bring in the authorities and experts who can provide the best information and finest answers to queries posed by administrative personell, secretaries, executive assistants, personal assistants, and support staff. Speakers at this conference will aim to:

• Underline the main issues affecting administrators, secretaries and support personnel
• Provide insights on how to communicate effectively in the workplace
• Highlight the important aspects of body language
• Present the important strategies to create an outstanding personal branding
• Teach the effective techniques of stress management
• Identify how individuals communicate to create more productive outcome
• Breakdown the factors that causes conflicts in the workplace and present possible solutions
• Share strategies to improve work motivation



The Comfori’s Exceptional Administrators And Secretaries Conference 2023 (MESAC2023) will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 10th – 11th May 2023 is one of the biggest gathering of administrative personnel and secretaries nationwide. Practitioners from this career field and experienced speakers will meet to enhance the productivity and reputation of this profession.

MESAC2023 targets to cover numerous topics mainly associated with the personal development of the administrator and administrative assistant. A variety of topics will be shared which ranges from communications skills to management and work motivation. Personal grooming as well stress management techniques will revive the overall well-being of the administrative assistant

Furthermore, the conference is covering specialized topics that aim to empower the administrative assistant such as topics on personal branding and leadership skills. Finally, the assistant will discover how to optimize the relationship with their superior and also colleagues for an enjoyable working atmospheres.



This conference is specifically tailor-made for:
All personnel in the organization who are involved and engaged in administration work including:
• Administrators
• Personal assistants
• Secretaries
• Personal secretaries
• Admin assistant
• Public relations executives
• Guest relations executives
• Customer relationship managers
• Front line and support staff


         DAVID ANN                                                                  THAMIL SELVI                                                     TUNKU ISMA ADRINA    


           (Session 1)                                                                           (Session 2)                                                                        (Session 3)         

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AZHANNI MUHAMMAD                                        ZARIF ZULKAFLI                                             WESLEY CHAN WENZHEN    



             (Session 4)                                                                            (Session 5)                                                                        (Session 6)         

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  EMERILDA SANI                                               NURUL ATIQAH NOOR HALIM                                                                                             


           (Session 7)                                                                              (Session 8)      

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