The media and communication landscapes are changing. Good communication is an essential success to any business. Public relation and corporate communications are the heart of organisation performance. In the age of digital communication, communication and public relations are more important than ever. They hold a vital role in supporting organisations’ function, its purpose, culture, strategy, leadership, talent, financing, investments and the overall of organisational ecosystems. This requires not only excellent communication skills but knowledge of engagement with the media and stakeholders. As we are looking at latest trends, this conference focuses on range of tools and techniques, not just theory but highly practice by practitioners of PR and communication.

Join Comfori’s best practitioners from media and communications, where they will share their idea-focused on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, and inspirations…to provoke conversations that matter and discover the latest trends and challenges of this field as well as leverage practice from different discipline of works in media and communication field. It is an event for all communications practitioners with the purpose of supporting organisational’s growth and realising media and communications aspirations.





• LEARN how to map content to optimise communication strategies
• DISCUSS how to build high performing digital strategy
• CELEBRATE the evolution of PR practices
• EMBRACE hybrid communication
• OUTLINE press approaches, ethics and media relations
• GOVERN ESG and communication
• NAVIGATE fast-paced changing information
• MEET significant and inspiring field experts


         DAVID ANN                                                                  THINAKARIDEVI                                                      NOOR HANIZA NOORDIN    


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PROF. HJ. MOHD SAID BANI                                        DR. LEILANIE MOHD NOR                                            RASHID YUSOF    



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GITANJALI SRIRAM                                        SUTAPA BHATTACHARYA                                           RIZAL AZIS    



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DR. HJ. MOHD AMIR MAT OMAR                     KAMARUL ARIFFIN IBRAHIM                                      HJ SYAMSUL AMRI A RAZAK   



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YAN LIM                                                              SYED MOHAMMED IDID                                     ANOUSHKA BHAR  



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TAN YEE PHENG                                                             AMANDA CHONG    








This conference is designed especially for mid to senior level professionals and teams that are responsible for shaping and executing on their organisation's communications strategy for both external and internal audiences of:

• Corporate Communications
• Media & Public Relations
• Employee/Internal Relations
• Marketing
• Crisis Communication
• Creative Department
• Campaign Planners & Strategists
• Brand & Product Development
• Government & Public Affairs
• Digital & Social Media
• Group ESG
• Mid-Senior, Senior and C-Suite Management