Land use and development in Malaysia has been affected by ongoing disruptions of the supply chain due to global instability. It is time that the industry becomes more resilient and sustainable to ensure constant growth. Apart from the importance of adopting sustainable approaches, embarking on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are also important for industry players to stay competitive in the business.

Another factor that is expected to enhance the land business is digitization. This could be the key to ensuring a speedier growth of the industry. It is also important for practitioners to be up to date on issues such as land regulation, disputes resolution and new trends affecting the market to ensure that their business is heading in the right direction.




The 11th Malaysia Land Conference 2023 (MLC2023) aims to bring together leading professionals, experts, & practitioners to exchange and share their insights, experiences and know-how relating to land development, land regulations and current industry trends. Our expert speaker line-up aims to:
• Highlight the importance of sustainability aspects of land development
• Discuss the effects of digitization in land transactions and management
• Exhibit the effects of current trends affecting the land market
• Share updates regarding land regulations
• Disseminate important information on strata management
• Display recommendations on approaches to resolve land disputes
• Provide insights on land financing and leasing
• Present exclusive insights in how to choose the best land for investment


         PROF. DATO’ SR. DR. AZIMUDDIN BAHARI                 RAZLAN RAGHAZLI                                       TAN HWA CHUAN    


           (Session 1)                                                                           (Session 2)                                                                        (Session 3)         

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CHOON HON LENG                                                        CHRIS TAN                                                   Ir EMRAN ISMAIL    



             (Session 4)                                                                            (Session 5)                                                                        (Session 6)         

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   AMIR KAMARUDIN                                                  ZUHAIDI SHAHARI                                          GEETHA P. KUMARAN   


             (Session 9)                                                                            (Session 10)                                                                        (Session 11)         

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   PROFESSOR DATUK Dr. NIK MOHD ZAIN                TAN HUI WEN                             Sr. SULAIMAN AKHMADY MOHD SAHEH   


             (Session 12)                                                                            (Session 13)                                                       (Session 14)         

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This conference is specifically tailor made for:
All personnel in the organization who are involved and engaged or dependent on land or real estate business natures, land management and also land development. These include:
• Local Authorities
• Government Builders
• Contractors and Builders
• Bankers
• Real Estate Business Owners
• Engineers
• Key Partners and Suppliers
• Land Surveying Officers
• Commercial Leasing Team
• Town Planners