Building maintenance refers to a year-round activities that are carried out to ensure the infrastructure of an organisation is fully functional, sustaining maximum uptime of all building systems including electrical systems, safety systems, HVAC systems, safety and security, fire protection system, and among others. Considering how this entails a never-ending list of a variety of tasks, building maintenance is not a one-man responsibility. Therefore, to fully understand what building maintenance is, we’ll have to explore deeper into the subject.

At this year’s conference, we will focus on how Facility Management face uncertainties, changes with innovation and technology, proptech knowledge while on the other hand, to ensure a safe and effective environment in which people work, live or play to embrace the new age of building maintenance as well as areas of rising and immediate important issues to FMs globally, such as carbon reduction and human-centric workplace in effort to achieve ESG goals in the years to come.

The industry experts and innovators across this region will share key insights in driving smart buildings, how design can be integrated into innovative smart technologies to build more sustainable buildings for future generations.




• To identify and implement improved maintenance opportunities commercial and high rise building, government assets, manufacturing and industrial, health care facilities and non-profit organisations
• To establish a knowledge and best practices-sharing among FM practitioners
• Establish idea-focused on smart buildings and improvement implementation
• Enhance value information on energy managemet, safety and operational assessment
• To provide tools and methodologies to improve organisations safety and profitability
• An opportunity to connect and learn from experitise in building and facilities


         TENGKU SHAHRINRIZAN                                     Ts SATHIASEELAN                                                     AZMIN AZIZAN    


           CHAIRPERSON                                                                    (Session 1)                                                                        (Session 2)         

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Ts MOHD MAZHAR MOHD MARZUKI                   Ts ROZAINAH                                                      MOHD MULYADI MANSOR                                                                   


             (Session 3)                                                                            (Session 4)                                                                        (Session 5)         

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MUHAMMAD AZRUL                                                   Ir JAMAL NASIR ALI                                            STEVEN EE                                                       


             (Session 6)                                                                            (Session 7)                                                                        (Session 8)         

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BASKARAN NAIR                                                   JEYAKUMAR SINGA                                            Ts THARMA G.                                                            


             (Session 9)                                                                            (Session 10)                                                                  (Session 11)         

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MR. Z. A. HARTONO                                            Ts AZRUL ASMADI MOKHTAR                                  PRASHANTH KUMAR                                                              


             (Session 12)                                                                            (Session 13)                                                                  (Session 14)         

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This conference is tailor-made for C-Suite executives both from public and private sectors such as:
• Facilities
• Assets
• Maintenance
• Operations
• Engineering
• Properties Management
• Consultants
• Civil

From Commercial building industries
• Office buildings
• Shopping malls
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Education Institutions

Industrial Building Industries
• Factories
• Power plants
• And all types of building