High building energy consumption leads to high emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The energy demand in Malaysia increased due to the change of policy by the government from agriculturally based economy to technological.

Now it is the government’s goal to achieve zero carbon emission or carbon neutral by 2050. To achieve this, all corporations in the nation must be on board with this plan. It is important for companies to strive for sustainability to preserve the resources for the future.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are important topics to business as this will help reduce the operational cost of building maintenance and will provide business practices that follow regulations. Complying with regulations is important to ensure no fine and wastage happens when non -compliant fixtures need to be changed to meet regulatory requirements.

The goal of corporate ESG and sustainability is simple, to create businesses that take only what they need, while leaving economic, environmental, and societal systems capable of indefinite existence.




Energy and Sustainability in Buildings Conference 2022 aims to bring together leading professionals, experts & practitioners from across the nation to exchange and share their insights, experiences and research findings on various aspects concerning energy in buildings and smart technology approaches that can be utilized. Furthermore, the sustainable design, sustainable technologies and solutions will also be presented to ensure participants are aware of the sustainability agenda that aims for a sustainable future for all. In a nutshell, this conference provides the platform to discover the latest in the energy and sustainability in building maintenance.


Our Energy and Sustainability in Buildings Conference will include a comprehensive programme that cover the main aspects of energy in buildings such as energy efficiency, energy audit, reduction of electrical energy consumption and renewable energy. Our distinguished speakers will present crucial issues and their solutions, as well as case studies from successful energy efficiency and sustainable practices that have been adopted in building maintenance. The following are the main issues that will be addressed by our speakers:

• Underline the ESG aspects of building maintenance
• Present the energy efficiency strategies
• Define where Malaysia is at according to the renewable energy roadmap
• Share the energy efficiency aspects of renewable energy
• Highlight the steps that can be taken to effectively decarbonize buildings
• Exhibit the important architectural design that is sustainable
• Discuss possible approaches that can taken to achieve Green Building status
• Lay out the possible strategies to lower carbon footprint of buildings


This conference is specifically tailor made for top-level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, HODs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Senior Managers including Local Government Agencies and Authorities of the following departments:
Related Industries such as:

• Engineering Manager and personnel
• Building Owners
• Developers
• Building Control Officers, regulators and specifies
• Building and facilities maintenance officers
• Building manager
• Architects


         Ts. MOHD HAFIZAM MUSTAFFA                             RUSLI BIN ABD WAHAB                               JEYAKUMAR SINGAM                                           


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  IR. NOOR IZIDDIN ABDULLAH                             GENE ONG                                                                 Ts. HASNUL HADI AHMAD NIZAN


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  Ir. DR. THIRUMALAICHELVAM SUBRAMANIAM               ALICE ASIDAH ABDULLAH                      SAIFUL HAKIM                         


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  Ts. AZRUL ASMADI MOKHTAR                                    MURALI HARIPALAN                                             Ar DAVID YEK TAK WAI


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