The world has gone through an effect shift. Women leadership has never been important as we can see more inspirational women leaders in the country. This has created a positive change in our society, business and politics scene. This conference aims to inspire and empower women and men across the nation to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes---to lead change with more conviction and confidence---and improve our workplaces and communities for all. By offering more complex understandings of issues related to professional women and work, the conference will help you increase self-knowledge about your own values and vision, as well as enhance your capabilities as a leader, manager, and team contributor. We will examine the opportunities, challenges, trade-offs, and organisational dynamics experienced by women in work organisations, as well as to reflect the effective individual behaviors.

The Comfori’s Annual Women in Leadership Conference 2023 is an interactive platform that enables women across industries to exhange views, share experiences for women advancement and promote diversity and inclusiveness at workplace.




• Provide present and future women business leaders with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas
• Provide women an opportunity to gain thought leadership on professional development and issues important to women in today’s workforce
• Offer a significant opportunity for corporations and industry leaders to directly contribute to the development of women leaders in the community
• Be inspired by unique perspectives of women leaders in their journey for creating a greater diversity of leadership
• Overcome self-doubt and be more confident and efective leader




         AZHANNI BT. MUHAMMAD                                      DR. SHARIFAH ADLINA                                            CHARLES BREWER    


           (CHAIRPERSON)                                                                   (Session 1)                                                                        (Session 2)         

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ANDY FISHER                                                   NATASHA ZULKIFLI                                              PROF MADYA DR.RUSLINDA A. RAHIM    



             (Session 2)                                                                            (Session 3)                                                                        (Session 4)         

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  MADIHA FUAD                                                          SERENE CHAW                                               SHARMILA RAVINDRAN                                                               


           (Session 5)                                                                              (Session 6)                                                               (Session 7) /  (Session 9)         

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  PROF Ir Dr ADUWATI SALI                                     SUHAILI IKHSAN                                                CHIN SEE MEI                                                              


             (Session 7)                                                                           (Session 7)                                                                        (Session 8)         

                                                                                                                                                                                             DOWNLOAD SLIDES


   NOORAINI YOUP                                                    DR. NOR AZLINA BINTI ARIFFIN                      DINATRA MOHD SAAT                                                               


             (Session 10)                                                                       (Session 11)                                                                        (Session 12)         

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   ALINDER KAUR CHALL                                           NORIZAH YAHAYA                                                                


           (Session 13)                                                                        (Session 14)                  

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This conference is recommended for both men and women at all executives levels regardless of gender or role, young or emerging leaders that it is a platform of of insights, networking, opportunities to foster learning and be inspired.
• CEOs, Directors, General Managers, Managers and Executives
• Human Resources, Talent & Recruitment
• Women Leaders, Head of Division/Department
• Mentors, Coaches and Changemakers
• Aspiring leaders, managers and millennials