With the economy is back on track, commercial & residential markets are still on the recovery track. While the markets are just exiting from a two-year pandemic, recovery and normalcy will take time as economy globally is still being impacted by global crisis.

This conference will provide details on the new initiatives provided by government where developers, investors and bankers can tap to the opportunities. The aim of this conference is to alter our understanding of how property outlook can be and delegates can explore more on sustainability approach as the property markets are tapping into technological advances as Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) to conquer the property trends. Blockchain technology has evolved over the past decade. It has the potential to revolutionise many aspects of how we do business and some believe it may even be the revolution in real estate growth.

Set to take place on 30th & 31st January 2023, this Annual Property Conference 2023 will bring together real-estate professionals who will share their insights into Malaysia’s 2023 property market trend with primary focus on the sustainable development in property markets. Join us and unlock the latest strategies, ideas and practical knowledge to discover a whole new experience in bringing Malaysia property growth in this digital era!




• An Overview of Property Market and Trends; Highlights the predictions of property market outlook 2023
• Highlight the challenges faced by real estate industry
• Discussion of how to create value in property through digitalisation
• Study on the emerging science and technology trends
• Unleash the power of blockchain technology in property
• Addressing property challenges: sustainability, innovation & technology


The Comfori’s Annual Property Conference 2023, taking place from 30th & 31st January, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, is an annual property event where governments, companies, and experts come together to share their knowledge and expertise.

APC2023 features a wide array of programs including conferences, business-related events, and exhibitions, as well as side events open to public participation for property industry professionals, national and local governments, public institution representatives, private sectors and so forth.



This conference is specifically tailor made for wide range of personnel from an organisation who are interested and involved in property & real estate business from the following:

• Real-estate developers, Agency and Valuers
• Property investors
• Commercial/Tenant/Leasing Team
• Contractors and Builders
• Architects
• Land Lawyers
• Local Authorities
• Government Sector
• Bankers
• Housing Associations
• Land Surveyors
• Auditors
• Legal Firms



         ELVIN FERNANDEZ                                                       JASMINE NG                                       DATO’ SR. DR. AZIMUDDIN BAHARI           


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CHIANG NING                                                                   SR JASPAL SINGH                                           PADMAN A.                                                                    


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  SANDEEP GREWAL                                             DAVID SOOSAY                                                      BRIAN NG                                                               


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  SR AINA EDAYU AHMAD                                      FRANCIS L. AMPTMEIJER                                                                                                               


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