Recovering from the recent global pandemic and global instability has presented practitioners in the property industry fresh challenges that they have to face such as business latency, lack of manpower and rising project costs. In order to get back on track, organizations must equip themselves with knowledge especially legislative knowledge as this will have a direct and costly effect on their businesses.

Property law in Malaysia can be divided into laws governing the transactions of property, the development of property and also laws regarding the management of property. The main property laws that industry practitioners always come across is the National Land Code, Strata Titles Act 1985 and Strata Management Act. The National Land Code governs the property dealings in Peninsular Malaysia while East Malaysia are covered by Sarawak Land Code and Sabah Land Ordinance. Land matters fall under the governance and jurisdiction of the State in which the land is located. The purpose of the National Land Code is to ensure the uniformity of land law and land policy that encompasses land tenure, registration, transfers, charges, leases, easements and other interests and rights to land. Strata Title Act 1985 and Strata Mangement Act is to outline the rights and responsibilities of the management body and strata owner to ensure that stratified properties are managed properly. Other legislation that may concern industry players are the Land Acquisition Act, Town and Country Planning Act and also the Housing Development Act.

Knowing and adhering to the legislations is a crucial part of doing business. Legislation know how is important to for industrial players to handle contracts and agreements. It is also important to ensure that the day-to-day activites of the company is in compliance with the law. Learning the impacts of legislation on the property market will allow businesses to make necessary adjustment and to prepare in advance in the case of emergencies. Additionally, legislation knowledge can also prevent disputes that will waste resources . Finally, companies would also be aware of any benefits offered by legislation such as tax relief, business opportunities and also processing shortcuts.





We bring in the authorities and experts who can provide the best information and finest answers to queries posed by property developers, property managers, realtors, analysts, town planners, investors and so on. The following will be done by each speaker:


• Underline the main legislation involved in property transactions, development and management

• Study on relatively important issues in property management

• Insights on current land development issues such as land acquisition and land zoning conversion

• Highlights the authorities’ initiatives to improve the property industry

• Discuss on how legislation can offer assistance for crisis in the property industry

• Hear out the key leader’s opinion on which direction the property market will take based current industry climate

• Identify the key factors that will drive the property market in the future.



The Comfori’s Malaysia Property Law Conference 2022 (MPL 2022), taking place from November 16 to November 17, 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, is the largest Property Law conference in Malaysia where government officials, companies, and experts from all over the nation come together to get the latest development of property legislation and learn the impacts on the property industry.

MPL2022 features a wide variety of titles covering both residential , commercial and other real properties in regards to property transactions, property development and property management. This conference will cover the latest acts concerning the property industry, recent changes in government policies and the effect of legislation on the overall market outlook.

The conference will also include current reviews on land issues such as land acquisition and Malay reserve land. Furthermore this comprehensive conference also aims to delve into legislation issues concerning property development such as handling construction contracts, regulation changes and the possible action plan for industry players.



This conference is specifically tailor made for:
All personnel in the organization who are involved and engaged or dependent on properties or real estate business natures, property development and authorities. These include:

• Local Authorities
• Government Builders
• Property Developers
• Property investor
• Bankers
• Real Estate Business Owners
• Contractors and Builders
• Engineers
• Housing Associations
• Key Partners and Suppliers
• Land Surveying Officers
• Commercial Leasing Team
• Legal Firms
• Town Planners
• Architects
• Auditors


         Chris Tan                                                               Prof. Dato’ Sr. Dr. Azimuddin Bahari                               Abdul Rani Bin Megat Kassim           


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Ts. Dr. Foo Chee Hung                                       Haji Abdul Razak Husin                                           Datuk N. Jayaselan                                                                    


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  Prof Dr Ismail Omar                                               TPr. Zamirzan                                                     Chok Zhin Theng                                                               


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  Professor Datuk Dr. Nik Mohd Zain                        Lai Chee Hoe                                                 Previndran Singhe                                                                    


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  Hor Shirley                                                            Hannah Patrick                                                                                                                 


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