The smart city concept, wherein statistics from one-of-a-kind structures are available, carries a large number of essential infrastructures. This data availability brings up new research opportunities in the study of critical infrastructure interdependency and cascade effects solutions, with a focus on the smart city as a network of critical infrastructures. This conference proposes an included resilience gadget linking interconnected essential infrastructures in a smart city to enhance catastrophe resilience. A data-driven strategy is being examined, with artificial intelligence and technologies being used to reduce cascade effects and the destruction of vital infrastructure and its components. The suggested strategy enables rapid recovery of infrastructure service levels following disasters while maintaining risk assessment, prevention, detection, response, and mitigation of consequences coverage.

This is a crucial part of preserving the liveability of the urban environment. Smart cities are made up of a mix of physical and IT systems and infrastructure that can maintain social cohesiveness while also tackling and deploying innovation and improving cognitive abilities. These features are much in line with the rising concept of city resilience, which is redefining the smart city paradigm. Cities are resilient if they can withstand shocks like physical attacks while continuing to operate as usual with people, things, and services. Individuals, communities, institutions, and infrastructures all play a role in determining resilience.




We garner the expertise and pundits who can provide the finest answers to queries posed by property developers, bankers, analysts, investors and so on. The following will be done by each speaker:

• Underline the analytical background for Smart City through data and analysis.
• Study on relatively importance issues to the sustainable development.
• Insights of relationship to the economy and current post-covid market for Smart City.
• Highlights of the last years’ activities on the initiatives.
• Discussion on what has happened and the analysis of the drivers affecting it.
• Outline the key drivers that will drive the market in the future.
• Hear out the key leader’s opinion on which direction the market will take based on the analysis.


The Comfori’s Smart Cities Conference 2022, taking place from August 17 to August 18, 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, is the largest smart city event in the South East Asia region where governments, companies, and experts from all over the world in the smart city field come together to create a better city.

SCC2022 features a wide array of programs including conferences, business-related events, and exhibitions, as well as side events open to public participation for smart city industry professionals, national and local governments, public institution representatives, and so forth.


This conference is specifically tailor made for:
Delegates should represent a wide range of personnel in the organization who are involved and engaged or dependent on properties or real estate business natures, property development and authorities. These include:
• Local Authorities
• Government Builders
• Property Developers
• Property investor
• Bankers
• Real Estate Business Owners
• Contractors and Builders
• Engineers
• Housing Associations
• Key Partners and Suppliers
• Land Surveying Officers
• Commercial Leasing Team
• Interior Designers
• Auditors
• Legal Firms


        DR DANIELE GAMBERO                                          ANGELA KEW                                           MOHAMAD REJAB BIN SULAIMAN                                


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ROBERTO BENETELLO                                          Ir. EMRAN BIN ISMAIL                                            JASMINE NG                             


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JUSTIN NGA                                                                       THARMA G                                                           AJ CHIN                                                                         


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FRANCIS L. AMPTMEIJER                                        SUHENDRA ARIANTO                                   DR NICOLE J SZETO


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DR. MAZLAN                                                 DATO’ Ts. DR HAJI AMIRUDIN ABDUL WAHAB                                            


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